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Nothing But The Truth By Avi

No description

Mildren Rodriguez

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth By Avi

Nothing But The Truth Philip Malloy Rude
Class clown
Miss Narwin Fair
English Teacher Setting Harrison,NH
Philip's home
Harrison High School Conflict Philip gets suspended for humming to the Star Spangled Banner Miss Narwin is getting into trouble because of Philip. Everyone thinks she is a bad teacher. They also think she is not patriotic. Philip is feeling gultiy about what he is doing with Miss Narwin. Characters:
Miss Narwin
Philip Malloy
Superintendent Seymour
Jennifer Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Malloy Ninth Grader
Doesn't like his english teacher, Miss Narwin Theme Overall:
individual integrity =
:-) More minor themes: .watch your actions
.try to see both sides of an argument
.be careful what you wish for Resolution Philip transfers to Washington Academy, and when his new homeroom teacher, Miss Rooney, asks him to lead the class in singing the National Anthem he starts crying because he never knew the words, even though he made such a big deal over not being allowed to "sing". Falling Action Philip goes back to school. Everybody is teasing him for his actions. Philip asks for extra credit from Miss Narwin to raise his grade so he can join the track team. Miss Narwin goes to Florida to stay with her sister to avoid the stress of the whole ordeal. Rising Action The News about Philip's suspension is getting all over the country. Jake Barlow annouces it on his radio talk show. Climax Miss Narwin is asked to take a vacation. She was offered the course on new teaching techniques that she had wanted to take. Dr. Doane, the principal, asked her to take the course to become a better teacher. Miss Narwin took the offer as if she had been asked to resign. Minor
characters Philip's dad .Name is Ben Malloy
.encorages Philip to stand up for himself
.has a tough time with his boss
.was a very good runner
.dropped out of college
.wants his son to be successful Jake Barlow A radio talk-show host. He tells a one-sided story about Miss Narwin's punishment of Philip for "singing" during the National Anthem. All of his listeners side with Philip and do not attempt to find out the other side of the story. Mrs. Malloy Philip's mother
works at a phone company
supports her family a lot principal character: Days in History Thursday March 15
44 B.C Julius Caesar was assasinated Wednsday March 28
193 A.D Roman Emperor Pertinax was assisnated.
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