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Parkour Park

Project Work Presentation

Lawrie Allen

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Parkour Park

Parkour Park. What is parkour? What is the purpose
of a Parkour Park? Our Client Freemove - Who? Why?

Simular Projects

Their Role in our Projects Deliverables Website
3D Model Design
User Testing Methodology Thanks For Watching! By:
Lawrence Allen & Reece Toth Research Other Parkour Parks Websites Other Parkour Parks Parks we visited in the UK during 2011 & 2012 Websites Well organise
Interactive Parkour Park Design
for the Game First Design Tools Autodesk 3Ds Max - 3D Scale Model Design
Unity - Parkour Game
Microsoft Office - Documents
Microsoft Project - Gantt Chart
Sony Vegas/After Effects - Videos
Dreamweaver - Website
Prezi - Presentations Any
Questions? Inspire Challenge A home Workshops Bournemouth Parkour Facility Second Design Parkour Park Design £50,000 £100,000 £180,000 Games Games Freerunning
Mirrors Edge
Assassin's Creed Series User Testing Satisfied? Work on Project Proceed to Next Task "Parkour is the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency." World Freerunning Parkour Federation, 2012. What is Parkour? Available from: http://wfpf.com/what-parkour [Accessed 5 December 2012].
--- (WFPF 2012) Yes No Waterfall
Feature-Driven Development (FDD)
Rapid Application Development (RAD) Feature-Driven Development (FDD) Is an iterative software development methodology intended for use by large teams working on a project using object-oriented technology. The methodology description includes some prescription about what tasks should be done and what roles should be doing them. The methodology we decided to go with is... (McDonald, K., 2012) McDonald, K., 2000-2012, Agile Method Brief - Feature Driven Development (FDD). Available from: http://www.projectconnections.com/templates/detail/agile-techniques-fdd.html [Accessed 24 October 2012].
--- Pacific Websites, 2012. What a Website Needs. Available from: http://pacificwebsites.com/what-website-needs.htm [Accessed 22 November 2012].
--- (Pacific Websites 2012) (The Games List 2012) The Games List, 2012. Freerunning Games. Available from: http://www.thegameslist.com/games/tag/freerunning/games
[Accessed 21 November 2012].
--- Allen, L., 2011-2012. Pure Precision Videos. Available from: http://www.youtube.com/user/pureprecisionuk
[Accessed 5 November 2012]. Parkour Park Game General Idea Collect items to boost score Show-off tricks and combos to increase score Energy bar to present "Health" Momentum bar to
better your tricks
giving a better score
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