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Hatchet and Sign of the Beaver Compare and Contrast

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Cassie Navarro

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet and Sign of the Beaver Compare and Contrast

By: Magaly and Cassie Hatchet and Sign of the Beaver
Compare and Contrast Author's Choice: Setting Author's Choice: Character list Author's Choice:
Genre Similarities: They were lacking of food, they've
both had encounters with animals for the good or
the bad. They've both have encountered with
bears. Authors Choice:
Types of conflict used Canadian Wilderness
Present time
Animals Quincy, MA
About 1650's
Animals Similar: They both have animals and the setting is in the wilderness. Different: Hatchet is present time and it's in the Canadian wilderness. While Sign of the Beaver is in Maine's woods. Reflection: Both settings are in the wilderness where challenges happen to the main character where they will have to do anything to survive. We think that the setting is great because if they were int the city they wouldn't have much trouble. Brian Robeson
Friend Tyler
Rescuer Hatchet:
Character list Hatchet:
setting Sign of the Beaver Sign of the Beaver:
Character list Matthew Hallowell
Attean's Grandma
Ben Rakuten.com. 1997-2003. January 31, 2013.
http://ak.buy.com/PI/0/500/203148396.jpg Bibliography similar: Different: Reflection: Genre:
Historical Fiction
Survival story Sign of the Beaver Hatchet Genre:
Survival Story Author's Choice:
Types of Characters Used Similar: Sign of the Beaver : types of characters used Mother and Father (giving)
Adolescent boy
Friend = Attean Hatchet :types
of characters used Mother and Father (giving)
Adolescent Boy
Friends (only in daydreams) Similar: Different: Reflection: Different: Reflection: They have both teenage boys, parents, and a friend. Both have met in some point a stranger. In Sign of the Beaver the Characters are in present time not like in Hatchet where the characters are in the past or in a flashback. Both author's choose Family including friends that
sooner or later they miss. And both have strangers that help the others make something happen. This is why all characters are important because they are needed at some point in the story. Both are a fiction and a survival story. Sign of the Beaver is a historical fiction. They both are about survival stories where the main character never interacted with nature to the point that they need to survive. This a good way of telling a story because without troubles then they will be very boring. It's going to be boring because without a problem then is like they have a happy ending since the beginning to the end. Both have troubles between the families. Hatchet Differences: The difference between them is that in Sign of the
Beaver,Matt only starved when it was winter while Brian starved in most of the book. Brian had more encounters with animals than Matt. Sing of the Beaver Man vs Nature Reflection: In both books have attacks by wild animals that were unexpected. Though each time they get attacked they learn something new to survive better. Though they did not get seriously injured. Snow
lack of food
bees Author's Choice:
Manhood Similarities: They both learned something that turned them into
man. What they learned helps them through out the book. They both learned by making mistakes. Differences: They both learn different things like Matt learned how to negotiate with the Indians while Brian learned how to survive on his own wits. In sign of the Beaver Not only Matt becomes a man so does Attean. Reflection: They both learn how to survive in some way or another. Though through out the book they learn how to grow stronger physically and mentally. If they didn't learn anything they would probably be dead the first chapter. Man vs Nature www.flickr.com.2013.February 6, 2013.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/midmophil/6471408221 www.newenglandtrailreview.com.2002-2005.February 6, 2013
http://www.newenglandtrailreview.com/images.asp?TID=198&index=5 www.watchmojo.com.February 6, 2013.
http://www.watchmojo.com/tv/Hulu/Questar/40007843/ http://lassenpines.org. 2012. February 6, 2013.
http://lassenpines.org/ tornado
cold nights
lots of bears
lack of food
skunk Hatchet:
Manhood Using your own wits to stay alive
Hunt Author's Choice:
Loneliness In Sign of the Beaver the family had to separate for a while. In
Hatchet Brian has a hard time to accept that his parents are
divorced. The author's choose to use in both books the idea of an adolescent boy trying to survive not only physically but mentally. It's a good thing that they use the idea of an adolescent boy because most girls would probably freak and look for make-up or a closest shopping mall. And the boys are less emotional while the girls will probably freak out the first day. Hatchet
Loneliness Brian almost kills himself
Brian talks to himself
Paulson chooses to write long descriptive paragraphs Sign of the Beaver
Loneliness Matt misses his family
Matt must choose whether to go with the Indians or stay
Attean's dog becomes Matt's only Friend Author's Choice:
Nature Sign of the Beaver
Nature she describes the home as beautiful detail
nature can be modified or dominated
Indians view nature as precious and not able to be owned Hatchet
Nature humans can become one with nature
nature is helpful and deadly, dangerous, and unpredictable. Differences: In Hatchet Brian is so lonely that he almost commits suicide. While Matt is lonely but he has a dog as company but Brian has nothing but himself. similarities: In both books the main Character gets lonely but the feeling is more stronger to one character then the other. Reflection: Both author's choose different levels of loneliness like Paulsen choose Brian to almost kill himself while Matt only misses his family and it's not so intense. We think that Paulsen did a good thing to make Brian almost suicide himself because, it gives it more intensity and Brian learned something out of it. Differences: They see, feel, and interact with nature in different ways. Like Spear put that nature can be control but not owned When Paulsen is saying that it'a unpredictable and dangerous. Similarities: They both describe how nature is beautiful but dangerous. And how nature is uncontrollable. Reflection: It's a challenge for the characters that have never interacted with nature. That never had experience face to face with the wild. When there is a challenge it makes it more interesting to see what will happen or what the character may do. negotiation with other Indians
left alone to protect the land and possessions
aware of surroundings
a war of discrimination
Attean must find his Manituo (spirit) alone in the woods Sign of the Beaver:
Manhood Hatchet
Manhood using your own wits to survive
Hunt ("First Meat'') www.goodtoknow.co.2013.February 10,2013
http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/family/galleries/34350/books-for-boys-the-early-teens-13-16/6 www.walmart.com.2013.Febrauary 10, 2013
http://www.walmart.com/ip/10929311 Author's Choice:
Survival Hatchet:
Survival Trial- and-error on what to eat
- Gut cherries
- Turtle eggs
- Fish
- Rabbit
- Raspberries
- Foolbirds Long process of starting a fire
-"The red glow moved from the sparks themselves into the bark, moved and grew and became worms, glowing red worms that crawled up the bark hairs and caught other threads of bark and grew until there was a pocket of red as big as a quarter, a glowing red coal of heat." (page 86 in Hatchet) Build a successful shelter Build tools
- spear
- bow-and-arrow
- fish pen
- rotisserie www.slinging.org.2000-2005. February 10, 2013
http://slinging.org/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1251587831/15 Bibliography part 2 http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o68/krotty/bow01.jpg
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www.plantbio.uga.edu. February 11, 2013. www.news.blogs.cnn.com.2011.February 11, 2013.
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http://woodswalksandwildlife.blogspot.com/2012/01/sapsucker-sign-and-icy-impressions.html www.footage.shutterstock.com.2003-2013.February 11, 2013
http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-3093097-stock-footage-burning-wood-in-the-fireplace-the-flames-and-smoke.html Bibliography 3 www.raspberries.us.2005-2011.February 11, 2013.
http://www.raspberries.us/ www.naturephoto-cz.com.2013.February 11, 2013.
http://www.naturephoto-cz.com/wild-rabbit-photo-6264.html Sign of the Beaver:
Survival meet Indian who teaches
-making bow-and-arrow
-traversing the woods
building a log cabin
reliable food source Similarities: They both had to build tools to kill food. Like a bow-and-arrow. They both had a riffle in the story but neither had really used it. www. 11, 2013. www.moviekids.tv.February 11, 2013.
http://www.moviekids.tv/code/tvm/display.php?id=4129 Differences: Was that Brian had a more difficult time trying to find food while Matt had planted food and had a riffle to hunt.Matt had a rifle in the beginning while Brain had it at the end of the story. Brian and his Dad built a log cabin already while Brain had to build it alone. Matt had more or less a head start on things while Brian knew nothing about the wilderness. Brain really didn't have a head start because he's in modern time where everything is already done for him. He isn't use to doing things. Reflection: Both have very hard struggles
to try to survive. It is very affective because
they didn't make it easy for them to survive.
They made a new challenge at each corner
they made it not only Physically but also a
mentally challenge. www.watchmojo.com.February 12,2013.
http://watchmojo.com/tv/series/The%20Sign%20Of%20The%20Beaver/ www.youtube.com.February 12, 2013.
http//www.youtube.com www.anishathefoodie.wordpress.com.2011.February 12, 2013.
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The Moose www.articles.latimes.com
http://www.trbimg.com/img-50c7d21e/turbine/la-na-nn-minnesota-seeks-to-label-moose-as-nee-001/600. February 13,2013.
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