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Social Studies

Social Studies Maya, Aztec and the Incas

dana geick

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Studies

Maya Aztec Incas Social Studies By:Dana Geick Maya Non-Maya-speaking outsiders greatly influenced the Mayan culture.
Ancient Maya writing had over eight hundred carved symbols.
Mayan men burned there hair.
Mayan women tattoed the upper body.
The mom would try to falten the bany's head at 4 or 5 days old.
The Mayan people believed bad spirits cause sickness and death.

Aztec Montezuma the second was the king of the Aztec.
The Aztec believed in the sun spirit.
They had a human sacerfice after the five empty days.
Boys married at 20.
Girls married at 16.
Montezuma the second ruled for 16 years. Incas The king and his wife are believed to be part gods.
Inca children were not named at birth.
Incas built roads though solid rock.
Shepherds made woden flutes to calm their herds.
Some live the way there ancestors did along time ago. hi claire
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