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Image and Branding of Hong Kong

No description


on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Image and Branding of Hong Kong

What is "Brand HongKong" Politically Stable Low Taxes Brand HongKong Quality Living Enterprising FREE Innovative Excellence Core Values Well-educated and
Caring Society Top 25 tourism destination in Asia, Hong Kong NO.8.
(TripAdvisor, 2012) Accountable
Government 2010. Total Arrivals:
36.03 million
increasing 21.8% over 2009
Total Tourism
Associated to
Inbound Tourism (HK$):
210.0 billion
increasing 32.7% over 2009 International Chinese
New Year Parade marketing
activities worldwide Every world-class city has certain values that people aspire to. Hong Kong's core values, as reflected in the attitudes and aspirations of its people, help set the city apart. (Core Values, 2012) Superior Location: Tourism= major economic pillar HK Products Expo People value creativity and originality
They are forward-looking and adaptable. Sum of beliefs, ideas and impressions that a person has of a destination.
(Crompton, 1979) *A connunication tool, lauched in 2001, to promote Hong Kong as ‘Asia’s world city’(INTERREG IVC Communication Guide for Projects, 2009).
* The HongKong Toutism Board's slogan says, Hong Kong: Live it. Love it! (Elaine Weeks, 2004) HK Rugby Sevens Hong Kong Destination Image What image or characteristics
come to mind when you
think of Hong Kong
as a tourism destination? “Hong Kong, A World of Celebrations” what would you describe
the atmosphere that you visiting Hong Kong? Please list some unique tourism attractions
that you can think of
Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an open society, where economic and social freedoms are People's wanted. Quality, professions, progress are valued highly in Hong Kong, enabling world-class achievements in many areas. Unique Blend of East and West, Old and New "Can-do" spirit
create opportunities Visual Identity Martin Barrow was the chairman
of Hong Kong Tourism Association
from 1988 to 1996.
(work in Hong Kong) Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azazenka,
the world's top-ranked tennis players.
(visit in Hong Kong) Attributes Cosmopolitation:
*global out look and combines East and West.
*rule and law
*people can feel secure
*business can compete on a level playing field
*a first-rate infrastructure & communications network
*gateway to China
*rest of the world
*rich culture & traditions & a modern citycape
*contrasts with a rural landscape full of varied plant and animal life
*Energetic, Vibrant, Flexible-----the worlds most often used to describe HongKong

---------(Attributes, 2012) Lam Chiu Yin, Hong Kong film director.
(live in Hong Kong) Diversified Promotional Channels Integrated Digital Marketing Different Image from Different People Easy to Access Disneyland Vitoria Harbour Hong Kong International Conference Centre Avenue of Stars Outline Shopping
Entertainment Bustling Busy Fashion Exciting 2010, 4.4% of Hong Kong's GDP
employ 218,100 persons,
6.2% of total employment Definition Weaknesses & Threats Background Destination Image Destination Branding Promotional materials Conclusion Hong Kong Image Small areas----lack of tourism resources; high cost of tourism industry; the limited reception ability Low professional quality of trader and staff ----the decline of customer’s satisfaction The large population, crowed building, less urban forestation----negatively impact on the destination image of Hong Kong Intense competitions between each country even each city----In Asia, Korea, Japan, Singapore are the most powerful competitors. At home, Shanghai has begun to build the first Disneyland in mainland China from 2011 and expected to be completed in 2015. At that time, Hong Kong Disneyland will lose large number of visitors from mainland China. Build new tourism projects and perfect the existing attraction facilities;
improve the quality of service;
increase the government guidance;
train a range of high professional staff;
increase the energy of “shopping paradise”,
“food paradise”, “fashion capital” and “life capital”
in order to build a good international image Promotiong Hong Kong Different market has different promotional strategy Background Key markets:
Mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea Westen Market Collaborate and Parnership HK Government the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Administration
(GDPTA) Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism unique fusion of Chinese and Western cultures & heritage MICE the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show the Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair TOC Container Supply Chain Asia meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions “the Events Capital of Asia" Partnernet.hktb.com Local travel trade Local Residents ‘Faces of Hong Kong’ Mosaic Business Tourism skyline (HKTB) Government Prmotional Materials Asian food channel Hong Kong:
World trade port;
One of the world's leading international
financial centres Attribute are the perceived characteristics that make a place distinctive, memorable and identifiable.
(Attributes, 2012) Hong Kong Promotion Wen Cheng(40068589)
Meng Li(40068694)
Wenqiong Wang(09900118) --------(Visual Identity, 2012) (Positioning & Platform, 2012) Conclusion Government promotional material Promotiong Hong Kong as Asia's World City Hong Kong government works with different organizations effectively Brand Hong Kong Hong Kong image Five core values Different destination image from different people positioning and platform Visual identity Attributes Also exist weaknesses, threats and challenges promotional strategy Tourism destination images are
important because they influence
both the decision-making behaviour
of potential tourists and the levels
of satisfaction regarding the
tourist experience. Attractiveness of Hong Kong image Thank You !! Any Questions? Chon, K. S. (1992). The role of destination image in tourism: an extension, The Tourist Review, 2, 2-7.
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Work of balance (source from Census and Statistics Department)
http://www.censtatd.gov.hk/FileManager/EN/Content_807/transport.pdf&nbsp 760,000 Overnight MICE visitors (through June 2012) & increased 4.8% from 2011 (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, 2012)
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