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design foundation

No description

Lilz Jnoon

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of design foundation

The MAIN Building Climate SITE ANALYSIS Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
The location and surroundings of the heritage cafe The Bulletin of Environmental Statistics shows that the highest average monthly wind speed was 10.2 knots, recorded in March in the Islands of the Emirate at, while the lowest average monthly wind speed average was 5.4 knots in January. Average wind speed is higher in Abu Dhabi Islands and Al Gharbia region, being open areas, than in the city of Abu Dhabi where high rise buildings and trees and hilly terrain act as winds breaks Abu dhabi's climate exhibits considerable variation in temperature throughout the seasons. MARCH1- Rainfall of 21.2mm
2- March is the second wettest month of the year.
3- Variability is high with 109.3mm.
4- March having the highest number of thunderstorm days.
5- Temperature of 28.6°C almost 4°C higher than February.
6- The minimum temperature of 16.1°C nearly 3°C higher than February.
1- Fog is low and sunshine averages around 10 hours daily.
2- The monthly rainfall average is 7mm
3- Rainfall is very variable from year to year.
4- On average April has 1 day with thunder More pictures on the site? MAY
1- Minimum and maximum temperatures range between 23°C and 39°C.
2- Statistical extremes fall in the range 17°C to 47°C.
3- May is one of the sunniest months of the year with around 12 sunshine hours per day.
4- Rainfall expectancy is low, with only a trace being recorded.
1- With the onset of the hot humid summer,
2- Temperatures between 25°C and 41°C
3- Occasional maxima around 45-46°C.
4- The daily average maximum wet bulb temperature for June is 27.2°C.
5- Average daily sunshine is over 11 hours.
1- The hottest month of the year.
2- Temperatures ranging between 28°C and 42°C
3- Long term extremes between 22°C and 49°C.
4-Sunshine hours average 10.7 hours/day
5- Cloud amounts are small - a daily average of 1.3 okras. JANUARY
1- The coolest month of the year
2- Diurnal temperatures ranging from 12°C to 24°C.
3- The highest temperature recorded was 34.3°C in 1991
4- The lowest temperature was 5.6°C in 1991.
5- Spells of unsettled weather can occur with average of 4-5 rain-days.
1- The wettest month, with a mean of 30.7mm.
2- Variability has ranged from nil to 202.3mm in the last 19 years.
3- Rainfall is normally associated with the passage of thundery troughs. Fog
4- Temperatures begin to increase, between 13.9°C and 25.2°C.
5- Sunshine values average 8.8 hours per day. AUGUST
1- Similar to July with mean temperatures ranging between 42°C and 29°C
2- Absolute values ranging between 49°C and 24°C.
3- Daily wet bulb temperature of 27°C is marginally higher than in July.
4- Maximum wet bulb of 29.2°C.
5- Rainfall is rare with only 2 months recording measurable rainfall since 1982. SEPTEMBER
1-The maximum temperature for September is 40.3ºC
2-The extreme maximum temperature for September was 47.7ºC in 1999.
3-Fog becomes more probable with 5 fog days a month on average OCTOBER
1-The maximum temperatures fall steadily from around 40°C to 36°C
2-Minima falling from around 26°C to 22°C.
3-Fog incidence is normally similar to September. The Wind Can you see the buildings at the back of your site? Can you see the villa's surrounded by vegetation?
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