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NSO Express

New Student Orientation Express

COR Orientation

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of NSO Express

Exploring All CCA Has to Offer!
New Student Orientation
Goals of Orientation
Learn about the college and our academic programs
Learn how to pay for college
Learn about the technology you will use as a student
Learn about Student Life & Academic Support Programs
Prepare to register for classes
Gain the information you need to be successful at CCA!

A Little Bit about CCA!
Welcome to the Community College of Aurora
CCA is part of the Colorado Community College System (CCCS)
CCA has two campuses
CentreTech Campus
Lowry Campus
CCA offers small classes
CCA's Faculty focus on teaching and learning
Community Colleges, including CCA are the most affordable sector of Higher Education
CCA provides multiple academic options for students
Multiple Academic Degree & Certificate Programs
Variety of Course options including online and face-to-face classes
CCA has a very diverse student body
CCA is a small college that cares about it's students and has strong ties to the community
Short-term success at CCA includes:
Maintaining at least 2.0 grade point average
Continuous enrollment - semester to semester completion and progress towards degree completion
Academic Options at CCA
CCA offers a number of academic options:
The Big Picture
Tuition - Tuition is based on the number of credit hours an individual takes each semester
There are also different rates for instate and out of state students
Student Fees - A fee paid for a variety of student services, resources and activities.
Per student charges
Per credit hour charges
Per course or program charges
Don't forget books!
Transportation and other living expenses
College Opportunity Fund
College Opportunity Fund (COF)
Free Stipend provided by the Colorado State Government for Colorado Residents
Currently $64.00 per credit hour
You only have to apply once, which most of you likely did on admissions application
You have to authorize your COF each time you register for classes
COF is only accessible for up to 145 credit hours

Students who did not submit their COF applications as part of the Admissions Application may apply for COF on your student portal MyCCA.
Complete the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid -
Financial Aid is awarded based on income and information from the previous years taxes
If you are under the age of 24 you are considered a dependent of your parents and will need their income tax information to complete the FAFSA
The FAFSA determines your eligibility for grants, loans, and work study
Complete the FAFSA as early as possible each year after January 1st
Priority is given to students who apply before the priority deadline -
Priority Deadline May1st (Fall) April 1st (Summer)
How do you pay for college?
Through the FAFSA you may qualify for the following types of aid:
Pell Grant - limited to 12 semesters or 6 years
Colorado Grants (CSG - only Colorado residents)
Federal Student Grant - typically out of state students
Grants never have to be repaid!
Plus Loan
Private Loans
Work Study (Waitlist)
Scholarships are another form of financial assistance
CCA Foundation
CCA Institution
Financial Assistance for College
To pay for college you must have a plan!
Paying for College
Some of your options include:
Pay in full by the payment date (in person or online)
Utilize Financial Aid - this can include grants and loans. (Understand your Financial Aid must be completely through processing and you must have completed all CCA Financial Aid processes - it is more than just filling out the FAFSA)
Set up a payment plan through FACTS

If you have not paid in full by the payment deadline you will be dropped from your classes. It is very difficult to re enroll in the same classes after being dropped.
*later in the presentation we will take you through how to pay your tuition/fee bill online and how to set up a FACTS Payment plan.
The Community College of Aurora partners with HigherOne to provide a method for receiving financial aid refunds through the CCCS HigherOne Debit Card.

Once you receive your higher one card in the mail you have options on how to use the card.
Activate your card immediately. You will need this card to receive your financial aid refund (for canceled and/or dropped courses and credit balances)
Choose between the following options
Utilize the card just like a normal debit card (if you don't have money on the card you cannot use it!)
When activating your HigherOne card online you can select to have your refund transferred to your personal checking account or to have a check sent for the amount of your refund.
Activate your Higher One Card!
To maintain eligibility for financial aid, students must maintain satisfactory and measurable progress each semester (SAP - Satisfactory Academic Progress & MAP - Measurable Academic Progress)
Must complete at least 67% of all your courses
Must maintain an a cumulative 2.0 GPA
Must stay within the maximum time frame
Remaining Eligible for
Financial Aid
*Later in the presentation we will show you how to check your financial aid awards and requirements
*Transferring money from your HigherOne Refund Card will delay your refund for at least 3 days.
Community College of Aurora Website
The CCA website has a lot of important information and resources for CCA Students.
Click on "Programs
& Classes" to
find information
about the academic departments, online learning, degrees
& certificates,
catalog & class
schedules, and
academic calendar.
Click on the MyCCA icon to log into your MyCCA Account
Click on the
MyCCA icon
to log into
your MyCCA
You will use your
student ID number
as your username
and your 6-digit
birth date as your
Click on the MyCCA icon to log into your MyCCA account.
Keep updated on
what's going on.
Faculty & Staff Contact Information

Campus Maps
MyCCA Welcome Tab
Hours of Operation
for all areas.
By the first day of classes your student schedule will appear here! Easy way to know when your classes are and where they are!
Update your personal
information by clicking
on the following links.
*Very Important*
My Student Stuff
Bookstore info
Grades - check here for your course grades
Transcripts - click here to send transcripts to another institution
Account Info
Now let's learn how to register for your classes!
Click Look Up Classes
Make sure to select the appropriate term. (fall, spring, or summer)
Be sure to click on the Student Email icon to activate your Student Email Account. It is extremely important that you activate your email and check it frequently, as this is the email address that all college communication will go to.
The Student Finance Tab in your MyCCA is an important resource for students and their finances.
My Account shows how much money you owe for the semester.
Payment options allows you to pay your tuition bill online or to set up your FACTS payment plan
Important Dates:
Be sure to check here for payment deadlines, FAFSA priority deadlines, and much more.
The Financial Aid Awards channel will show you what awards you have been given by the Financial Aid Office for the school year. It will also give you the schedule in which the awards will be paid out.
Scholarship Channel:
Find Scholarships that are offered at CCA!
Find out when scholarship workshops are offered
This is an example of what your schedule will look like once you have registered for classes.
Drop Deadline
The drop deadline is the last day to drop a class and get a full refund. A class that you drop will no longer appear on your transcript.
Withdrawal Deadline
The withdrawal deadline is the last day to withdraw from your class. You will not receive a refund for your class and you will receive a "W" in the place of a grade for that class.
Always talk to an
Advisor or someone from financial aid before dropping or withdrawing from a class!
Counseling Services
Available to CCA students on a walk-in or appointment basis
There are many resources available to help students be successful in their first semester and beyond.
Student Resources
What Student Life Offers:
Opportunities to participate in Student Organization and Clubs
Leadership Opportunities
Social Programs
Academic Programs
Service Opportunities
Why should you get involved?
You can make new friends!
You can gain leadership skills
You can make MONEY!
It looks great on your resume!
You can be a part of making decisions
You can qualify for scholarships
Current Student Organizations
Student Government
Phi Theta Kappa (Honors)
Phi Beta Lambda (Business)
CCA Film Fans
Fade In (Film School)
Hispanic Scholar Fund
SLICE (Volunteer)
Black Student Alliance
International Student Assoc
Co-Ed Soccer
Psychology Club
Poetic Motions
Your Success Matters to Us!
CCA Bookstore
Take your schedule to the CCA Bookstore in person or check out their website online to find out what books you need to purchase.
You need to have your books prior to the first day of classes to be successful - so have a plan on how you will purchase them!
Students receiving financial aid can charge their books to their financial aid in advance of classes starting.
What happens next?
Access Degree check here to stay on track! By clicking on Degree Check you can track your progress towards graduation and see what classes you still need to take from your degree program.
Degree Check
Once you click on the degree check link you will see a page that looks like this. Degree check includes the classes you have taken, what you still need, and your test scores. Make sure to check your degree check regularly.
Financial Aid Forms:
If you have a red flag on under the financial aid requirements you can find most missing forms here to be filled out and returned to financial aid office.
Financial Aid Requirements:
If you see all green check marks that means you have turned in all required documents.
If you see a red flag there are still things the Financial Aid Office needs from you.
If you see a red flag make sure to take care of it right away to avoid a delay in funding.
Research shows that students who are actively engaged on their college campus have a higher GPA and are more likely to graduate than their peers who are not active.
Student Life
Desire2Learn (D2L)

By clicking on the underlined
course you can access the
Student Learning Portal
Click on "Students"
to find information
about getting started,
paying for college,
academic support,
the bookstore and
Military &Veterans Services
If you have registered correctly
you will see this screen with a Web
Registered Status
User name:
Student Number
6 digit birth date
ex: 020881
Payment Deadline!
January 8th
First time logging in?
Select the course you wish to register for
and hit course search.
Select View Section for the course you wish to register for
CRN - 5 digit number that identifies a course (used to add or drop a course)
Subj - Subject(Course)
Crse - Course #
Sec - Section #
Cred - # of Credits
Days of the week the class
M - Monday
T - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
R - Thursday
F - Friday
S - Saturday
Cap - How many can be in the class
Act - How many already have enrolled
Rem - Seats left
Location of Class:
CLC followed by 3 letters
- Lowry
C followed by 3 letters
Date -
The date class
starts and ends
Once you have selected the class you want to take click register at the bottom of the screen
New Student Orientation
What College Costs
Tuition Breakdown
In State Student
Out of State Student
1 Credit Hour
Tuition -
Fees -
Total - $218.76
Minus COF- $64.00
Total- $154.76
1 Credit Hour
Tuition - $490.30
Fees - $35.26
Total - $525.56
12 Credit Hours
Tuition - $2202.00
Fees - $87.95
Total - $2289.95
Minus COF- $768.00
Total - $1521.95
12 Credit Hours
Tuition - $5883.60
Fees - $87.95
Total - $5971.55
$10 replacement fee for lost cards!
Typically Misunderstood Aspects of Financial Aid
Your Financial Aid Award letter is based on the assumption you will complete a full load of courses (12 credit hours or more) if you take less credit hours the amount you are awarded will be prorated (full-time, 3/4 time, 1/2 time & less than 1/2 time)
Financial Aid is not to be considered a source of income - Do not rely on it to pay your bills, it is meant to help with education related expenses.
Disbursement of financial aid is tied to the first day of classes. (If you are taking a late start class you will not receive your aid for that course until that class begins. Any refund will take up to a week or more after the disbursement date to come through)
Tips to help you prepare now!
Start saving money for unexpected expenses
Complete the FASFA early to be able to get through the review process before the payment deadline
Understand you are responsible for all tuition and fee payment and if you are unsuccessful academically you may have to repay any financial aid awarded to you.
The smarter you are now in utilizing loans and aid the easier it will be for you after you leave college!
Follow us on
Twitter (@CCAurora)
Right to Know includes:
Title IX - Sexual Harrassment
Freedom of Information Act
Student Code of Conduct
Student Rights & Responsibility
Much more!
You can also find your CCA Email here!
Click here to check that you applied for COF
Academic Support Services
Free tutoring for most classes
Library with Library Assistant
Computer Labs
Accessibility Services
*Students with a disability that would like to request accommodations go to www.CCAurora.edu/accessibility and complete the online Needs Assessment form.
*Next submit documentation on the impact your disability has on you in a learning environment.
Career Services
Offers: Resume reviews, advice on preparing for the job search, career assessments, and career preparation workshops
Offers students who currently or have served in the Military support through the VA process and academic experience
Advising & Testing
Advising & Testing services can be found in the Administration Building on the CTC campus and in the WestQuad of the Lowry Campus. Walk in advising and testing available.
Student Success Center
Fill out the Orientation Evaluation in your folder
See an Advisor. Take your advising form to either the CTC or Lowry Advising Offices. Set up an appointment!
Read through the advising syllabus in your folder prior to meeting an advisor.
If you do not have test scores on file take the Accuplacer exam ASAP.
Long-term success includes:
Completion of a degree or certificate program
Transfer to a 4-year college or university
Learn how to utilize Degree Check here!
Promote student success through dedicated support in an inclusive and authentic academic community.
Transfer Success Program:
Serves students interested in completing their degree and transferring to a four year college
Scholar Support & Programming:
Serves student who receive third party scholarships (Mile High United Way, Denver Scholarship Foundation, & Daniels Fund)
TRiO Support Services:
Serves First Generation students who are designated as low income or have a documented disability
Dedicated Academic coach and advisor
Assistance with degree planning
Assistance in career exploration
Tutoring Support in math, writing and science
Assistance in the transfer process
College Visit Program participation
Reserved spots in general education courses
Opportunity to build relationships with CCA students who share a common goal!
To learn more visit the Student Success Center in the Student Centre Room 101
Get your student ID and parking pass

before classes start.
Fall 2013 (subject to change for 2014-2015 academic year
Set appointment online to meet with an advisor
Review financial agreement then select I agree to move forward
Readiness for College Level Work
Class placement is based on:
ACT or SAT scores (if less than 5 years old and high enough to gain entrance into a college level course)
Accuplacer assessment
Determines placement in English & Math courses
Workshops offered to help you prepare for the exam - students who take a workshop prior to taking exam score 2-3 points higher.
LOEP - Level of English Proficiency - need to take if native language is not English
Advisors will help you with course selection including your first English and math courses
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