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Goals & Goal Setting

No description

Kyle Finney

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Goals & Goal Setting

Goals and Goal Setting Cadet CPL Kyle Finney
5th Period
U3C10L2 Objectives: >What is a goal? >Types of goals. >Setting a goal. >Writing down your goals. >Conclusion. What is a goal? The result or achievement toward which effort is directed. Types of goals: >Short-term goals

>Long-term goals Examples: Having a good day.
Working out. (etc.) (Short-Term) Examples: (Long-Term) Going to college.
Living your dream job. (etc.) >To set a goal you must have the urge to achieve it. Weather it be short or long term, it's not a "goal" unless you make it one. Setting A Goal: Pick the goal.
Acknowledge the consequences & benefits.
Decide if you're willing to set the goal.
Achieve the goal no matter what it takes. Ice Breaker: What do you think a goal is? Writing Down Your Goals: >Putting your goals on paper is important, because you can read those goals over & over to have it stuck in your head. >If a goal only exists in your head,
it is just a dream & may be forgotten. >What is a goal?
>Types of goals.
>Setting a goal.
>Writing down a goal. Conclusion: Questions?
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