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Prezi as Playground

Technology & Prezi - first presented at ISBE 21st CCLC 2012 Spring Conference

Michelle Alba

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Prezi as Playground

What is Prezi?
THE LEARNING CURVEit takes time to adjustyou'll know if Prezi fits what you want to achieve
How canyou see usingPrezi?
Thoughts,comments,questions onthis presentation
How canyou see yourstudents usingPrezi?
Prezi gives your work
a playground
playful structure
Shift key + clickingorShift key +dragging a box
Command + D(Mac)Control + D(PC)
Select all the flowers by Shift + dragging.Select certain flowers with Shift +clicking.Move them to the vase
Select 1 or both of the bunny photos. CTRL or COMMAND-D to duplicate.Select this whole frameand duplicate.
Let's start with what we remember about a playground...I remember...wooden, splinters, fieldhouse, kids playing, cars, people arguing, whistles blowing, nice weather, hot, sprinklers, pool, playing chicken on the monkeybars, no rules, hide and seek, and tag, banana swing game, painful & fun, thrilling rush
Frames or Shapes
Wrangle these horses with a Frame or Shape (insert).Notice how moving the frame/shape moves everything inside too.
Make a Copy of another Prezi
You can copy any copy-allowed Prezi to start your layout.
How do I start?
How can we all play?
our ideas
Keep it Simple.
Once in Path:Add any object to the end of the Path by clicking on the object.Insert an object by pulling the + sign found after a number along the pathline onto the object.
What are our observations from exploring Prezi.com?
Younger kids - navigating throughor moving elements/picturesCategorizing - Math, social studiesSight wordsEarth - plant & water images
we can do whatever we want
we can do whatever we want
to avoid seasickness
Tag!You're it!
thedetails follow
We need to bring
Also at any time, you can insert a Drawing to add structure.
is your friend.
the Zebra Wheel
Right-clickis a shyer but powerfulfriend.
immediate inspiration
You bring the enthusiasm!
We feel:frustration, exciting when things are coming together, overwhelming, growling, can be fun, in the office, a pain, exhausting, creative, depends on the theme -- have to decide activities, collaboration, thinking
Imagesdigitalgallery.nypl.org/www.flickr.com/creativecommons/www.pics4learning.com/memory.loc.gov/ammem/browse/www.edupic.net/Musicfreeplaymusic.com/www.jamendo.com/ Sound Effectshttp://www.pdsounds.org/http://www.freesfx.co.uk/Green Screen Kit by Westcott
email addresses: michellealba@gmail.comstermini@cps.edu
You know what doesn't always feel flexible, fun, and shareable?
As Prezidescribesitself:
kept my attention, kept movingtechnology being presentednew ideasresourcedynamicexcitingbetter than Power Point"Wish I had this before I did my schedule -- instead of Word."various topics from different areas--many point of views
Just add in your own content
Steal this Prezi now!
What this Prezi once looked like.You can put all your ideas down and visually organize/edit later.
There are a number of helpful tutorials on Prezi. But the following are tips & shortcuts that I felt made the building process easier, faster, and fluid.
Let me tell you about a time at the playground with my nephew and brother
ISBE 21st CCLC answers:kids running around, shouting, laughing, swinging, the feeling of air pushing my hair back, sunny, cars driving by, ice cream man, feel free, light, easy energized, happy, enthusiastic
ISBE 21st CCLSsad, forced, classroom, office, silence, keyboard clicking, fluorescent light hum,pressure, frustration
You can start a new Prezi blank or a with a template.
ISBE 21st CCLC:Running summer camp - taking picture of community and add writing, housing projects vs single family homes (similarities and differences) --seems to be a river between the groupsmake a mapshow activitiesmark interests/stories
Good Morning!Please go to http://prezi.com/pricing/edu/Sign up for "Edu Enjoy" accountYou will need to open your email to confirmFinish sign up process
challenges presenting:summer mathreading, reading for funsummer structure
CalendarsEvent presentationDocumentationTheme week (ie Best Friends, Birthdays, Christmas in July)Collaboration (could be good or bad) video presentations!
Science fairSocial studiesAny type of presentationMath gamesHistory - telling a storyJust to organize thoughtsJournalingTake worst day
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