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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

No description

Amira A.

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
By: Avi Characters Setting Conflict Timeline Theme Charlotte Doyle- A teenage girl who is forced by her parents to travel on the ¨Seahawk which is a ship that will take her to America.
Mr.Zachariah- The only African American crew member on the ship, who tries to become Charlotte´s friend.
Andrew Jaggery- The captain of the Seahawk who acts as Charlotte´s friend, but starts acting suspicious after a while
Mr.Cranick- A missing crew member of the Seahawk, who becomes a stowaway when he climbed aboard the ship one night. The book is set in 1832 in England when slavery was being abolished and women started to question their rights and why their rights are unequal to men's rights. Most of the book is set on The "Seahawk" but their destination is Providence, Rhode Island where Charlotte's Mother,Father, brother, and sister already have settled in a home, while Charlotte was left behind to finish her semester of school. Internal- Charlotte debates with herself whether to actually become a member of the crew and do men's work. The theme of this book is to always stand up for what you believe is right. After Charlotte finds out how cruel Captain Jaggery is, she joins as a member of the crew to help out. Also, another theme is segregation. Both Zachariah and Charlotte are outcasts on the ship because Zachariah is an african american and Charlotte is a girl. However, despite the hatred, they both make a big difference on the ship. Charlotte boarded the ship by force, even though the 2 families who were supposed to come with her didn't show up. Still she was pushed on to the ship as the only passenger on the ship
Mr.Barlow lead Charlotte to her room and tries to convince her to leave while she can.
Mr.Zachariah tries to befriend Charlotte and gives her a knife for protection.
Captain Jaggery asks Charlotte to spy on the crew and she notices a mutiny about to happen.
The Captain whips Mr.Zahcariah for this, and Charlotte spotted the crew throwing him out to sea, which means he passed away.
Charlotte joins as a crew member to repay for what happened and to share the work. The captain then dislikes Charlotte for helping the crew.
Jaggery then steers the crew through a hurricane to "save time", and afterwords, the first mate is found dead with Charlotte's knife in his back. Then Charlotte is thrown in the brig.
Ms.Doyle is sentenced to execution, but she met Zachariah in the brig where they talk and realize Jaggery killed the first mate. External- Charlotte is charged for the murder of the first mate,even though she didn't murder the first mate, she is thrown in the brig by Captain Jaggery. Timeline Continued Mr.Zachariah and Charlotte planned to sneak into Jaggery's office to steal his weapons and overthrow him so he would not be in charge.
When they reach Jaggery's office, the captain is waiting for them, but they manage to steal a weapon and chase him onto the deck where he falls overboard.
Because Charlotte got rid of captain Jaggery, she was appointed captain of the ship.
When they reached Providence, Mr.Doyle greets his daughter and asks to read her journal that she kept. He burned it after reading it because he believed no proper girl to do things like that.
Charlotte reads about the Seahawk making another journey. She snuck out and joined the ship with Mr.Zahcariah and they sail to England again. The Seahawk The knife that Zachariah gave Charlotte
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