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God-fearin' good times

Nathan Thomas

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Talkin' CALVINISM

..::..Talkin' Calvinism..::.. ...:::A God-Fearin' Good Time:::... "God preordained, for his own glory and the display of His mercy
and justice, a part of the human race, without any merit of their
own, to eternal salvation..."

-John Calvin .......::PREDESTINATION::....... .......::Some Talking Points::....... John Calvin <Observe and Report> by~
{Nate Thomas} *with the good folks
at Covenant Community* How can predestination and free-will coexist? I ask: .......::The Inerrant Bible::....... "The dogma of the infallibility of the Bible
is no more self-evident than that of the
infallibility of the popes." -Thomas Henry Huxley "Calvinism has led to the corruption of the Christian doctrine..."

-Revd. William Hull ::....::..Artifacts from the Field..::....:: "It's predestination...not pre-route.
How we get there doesn't matter,"

*the informant...not the apostle "It isn't the fault of the words or the Bible that we misinterpret it...its that we can't grasp the meaning of it
right away."

-Paul the Informant Conclusion:

People will force things to make sense in their own minds
if they want to believe it badly enough.

Religions like Calvinism give us relief from the fear of
death. That is, I think, what it is all about at the core level. "O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory?"

-1 Corinthians 15:55 ...::Exactly::...
*the end*
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