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Hot Zone Project #3

Ebola- Nancy Jaax

Kyla Millar

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Hot Zone Project #3

Hot Zone Mini Project #3 Kyla Millar When I worked here before, I had a really close call with Ebola Zaire when trying to find a vaccine for it. I had been working with monkeys infected with the Nurse Mayinga Strain. It turned out two out of my three layers of gloves had a rip in them. Also, I had just gotten a cut on that hand. Luckily, my final layer of gloves saved me from getting Ebola and being locked up in the Slammer. Now I'm having to work with Ebola again, except this time we have an outbreak of Ebola Zaire right here in Washington DC in the Reston Monkey House. With my close call last time, I'm making sure that I'm being extremely careful. Luckily no humans have gotten infected yet but that's only a matter of time. The monkeys are dropping like flies and it seems as though they also have SHF as well. Luckily humans can't get that. This is the worst timing for this type of thing to happen. My father's condition is quickly getting worse and my brother thinks he might not last much longer. As soon as this is resolved, I'll get down to Kansas to be with him. Let's hope he's able to hold out that long. -Baby-sitter for kids
-Pick up Jamie from Gymnastics
-Call Dad
-Feed animals
-Go see Gene Johnson in
his office
-Get milk and eggs
from the store Reston Monkey House Diary To-Do-List Lieutenant
Colonel Nancy
Jaax Ebola Marburg Dear Brother,
Sorry I won't be able to get down to Kansas earlier, but we have a pretty serious problem up here in USAMRIID. A terrifying disease found its way into Washington in a monkey house and we're trying to get rid of it. If this thing gets out it could be devastating. How long do you think Dad will be able to hold on? I'll get out there as soon as this thing is done.
-Love Nancy Is it ebola Zaire or a new strain of ebola? How airborne is the virus? How contagious is this strain going to be? How similar are these monkeys to the ones we infected with Nurse Mayinga's blood? Liver Cells of infected monkey Rooms Infected:
Main ones room F and H

How many monkeys came in infected shipment: 100

Symptoms: Monkeys become subdued, eyes glaze, eyelids droop, they stop eating, fever, runny nose. First batch of Monkeys from Monkey House: Enlarged spleen, bleeding spots in the stomach Second batch of Monkeys from Monkey House: Gut lesions, intestine blitzed, blood clotting in intestinal muscles The End! Who will take care of Jamie and Jason if
Jerry and I get Ebola? What if I don't get
down to my father in time and he dies? How
did this strain of Ebola get to the USA and
where did it come from? What can I do to help
Jerry move on from his brother's death? What
if the CDC tries to take over this thing
completely? USAMRIID 3 Main Events involving Nancy
Jaax: Necropsies on infected monkeys while
trying to find vaccine for Ebola Necropsies on infected monkeys at
Reston Monkey House outbreak Inspections of monkeys at the
Reston Monkey House
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