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Eukaryotic Cell Organelles


Mallory Deziel

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of Eukaryotic Cell Organelles

Eukaryotic Cell Organelles
Cell Membrane
Cell Wall
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Body
Job: provides strength and support to the cell

Appearance: Hard, rigid, made of cellulose

Found in plant cells
Job: The control center, stores DNA

Appearance: Oval, Largest organelle, covered by a nuclear membrane/envelope that lets materials go in and out

Found in all eukaryotic cells
Job: makes the ribosomes

Appearance: Found inside the nucleus, small, round

Found in all eukaryotic cells.
Job: make proteins for the cell

Appearance: small, grainlike organelle, most common in organelle in cells

Found in all eukaryotic cells
Job: the passageway that carries proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another

Appearance: Looks like flattened sacks stacked side-by-side, located close to the nucleus

Found in all eukaryotic cells
Job: the "powerhouse" of the cell, takes food and turns it into energy for the cell (ATP)

Appearance: bean shaped, have an inner and outer membrane

Found in all Eukaryotic cells
Job: traps sunlight to make energy (Photosynthesis)

Appearance: contain chlorophyll, green in color

Found only in plant cells
Job: receives materials from the ER, packages it and transports it from one part of the cell to another

Appearance: located close to the cell membrane, flattened sacs or tubes

Found in all Eukaryotic Cells
Job: the storage place of the cell -- usually stores water

Appearance: membrane-covered chambers, like a water balloon

Found in plant cells
Job: Carry chemicals that destroy parts that are no longer needed in the cell

Appearance: enzyme containing compartments

Found in all cells
Job: Controls the materials that go in and out of the cell

Appearance: A soft covering around the cell, like a window screen, that lets certain things in and keeps others out

Found in all eukaryotic cells.
Job: It is the hereditary material, holds all of the information for the nucleus to give instructions (DNA can also be called chromatin)

Appearance: Found in the nucleus of cell, long linear strands

Found in all cells
Nuclear Envelope
Job: protects the nucleus, lets materials pass in and out of it

Appearance: thin layer that surrounds the nucleus, has tiny pores in it

Found in all eukaryotic cells
Job: the region between the cell membrane and the nucleus, used to transfer materials, holds the organelles in place

Appearance: gel-like fluid, constantly moving

Found in all eukaryotic cells
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