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Soil Erosion: By Ben Schafer, Connor Call, and Jacob Mathews

Different ways soil is eroded and how we can stop it.

Ben Schafer

on 7 January 2011

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Transcript of Soil Erosion: By Ben Schafer, Connor Call, and Jacob Mathews

Soil Erosion and Solutions
By: Ben S., Connor C., and Jake M. Soil Erosion happens when wind or water carries soil
elsewhere. There are many different solutions that farmers take to ensure that their fields are in tack. Farmers...
lay a windbreak(a stretch of trees or bushes).
leave a part of their crop in the ground.
or plow the field to keep it in place.
People can use these solutions to help prevent too much soil erosion. Soil can also be eroded by rainfall. Rain and wind carry billions of tons of earth's topsoil every year. soil erousion occures in mostlyEroupe, North America, South
America, and Africa. Unpaved roads can cause ersoion. The Dust Bowl was one of the most famous soil erosion events. During a 3-day storm in the North Santiam River Basin tons of soil was washed away. A series of storms pummeled Orange County on December 21,22, and 23. It caused the soil to move and cause a landslide. Sources:
Downs, Sandra. "Shaping the Earth, Erosion".
Brookfield: Twenty-First Century Books,
2000. 1-64.
Paulhas, Terry. "Land Abuse and Soil Erosion".
New York: Weigl Publishers Inc., 2007.
www.teachertube.com/ http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=173665&title=Power_of_Weather__amp__Time
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