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sexy agent orange

agent orange (sexy)

Allie Sinclair

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of sexy agent orange

Agent Orange Code name for: herbicide and defoliant-
contaminated with TCDD-
used by the U.S. military and it's
Herbicidal Warfare program
during the Vietnam War What is it? What is it used for How it impacted at the time
How it impacted the future Reparations Harmful Plant Animals Humans The United States was suspended Operation Ranch Hand flew its last mission in Vietnam damage to the plant life of South Vietnam Speculated but not proven birth defects To clear out dense forests. Herbicide ...pay up American and Vietnamese plaintiffs In 1984, a massive class-action lawsuit was settled in U.S. court. Seven U.S. companies agreed to pay a total of $180 million to 291,000 people, mostly Vietnam War veterans. Sue YOU Money Money Moneyyyy
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