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Hope Bondar

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of seasons

Many of us get thrown by autumn. As we see the end of growth, we are sad. We feel wistful when the sun is lower in the sky. Even those of us who love autumn recognize it’s a sour season, because it is ending so quickly.

If you feel worse or different in the December or February months and you clear up after, you might have the winter blues. The winter blues is a winter depression when your body is not getting enough light, or energy.

How Seasons Affect Our Emotions
There are the classic summer lovers who report being happier on sunnier/ warmer days. Also, summer haters who report being in a worse mood when the weather is sunnier and warmer. With this research we have seen that people are happy, excited, and outgoing in summer. But are also upset, angry people.

For some people spring brings energy and restlessness and makes us want to get tasks done that we didn't want to get done, we are also happy, excited, and outgoing.
Climate change can change what people do and how they feel. If there is hurricane weather or extremely windy or stormy it can be life threatening. But when it is a drizzle or a calm day, it can be less life threatening. Climate change can also change what happens to things. If you have extreme rain, it could be good or bad. Weeds could grow, your crops could be stronger, who knows?
the climate

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