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"The Underground Railroad wasn't started by secret ninjas bu

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cheyenne abrams

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of "The Underground Railroad wasn't started by secret ninjas bu

"The Underground Railroad wasn't started by secret ninjas but everyday activists"-Hannah Song
Harriet Tubman ended up freeing about 300 slaves she freed so many that many slave owners gave up and released many of their slaves,so they wouldn't have to go through the humiliation of their slaves being set free
"I freed thousands of slaves,and could have freed a thousand more if only the knew the were slaves"-Harriet Tubman
"What i do say is that no man is good enough to govern another man,without that other's consent."-Abraham Lincoln
One day around 1852 Harriet Tubman met an old white Quaker woman. she told Harriet about the underground railroad. This started the Underground railroad. Which was the a line of houses ran by Quakers. Black and White. White people also gave speeches that made slave owners release their slaves

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