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No description

Aleksandr Kharitoshin

on 4 December 2012

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Porsche Panamera (Gran Turismo) EV 300 miles driving range 5.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph Top track speed  - 145 mph 60 miles of range per hour of charge $2 for 60 miles 85 kWh Battery Industry & Brand Porsche Consumers Joint Ventures/Platform Integration Competitive trends Reduce Price Reduce Recharging Time Increase Driving Range Gap Analysis Results Fast Slow Gasoline Electric Saturated ! Fast Slow Mass Market Luxury Saturated ! Wireless charging testing Market trends More choices for customers Price will remain high More chargers Goals: Campaign Positioning: Campaign Price Model Battery Range Price Porsche
Panamera EV Tesla
Model S Tesla
Model S
Signature Tesla
Model S
Performance Model S
Performance 85 kW 300 $108,725 85 kW 85 kW 85 kW 40 kW 300 300 300 160 $57,400 $95,400 $92,400 $105,400 Ready to buy consumers Target Markets San Francisco Los Angeles Las Vegas Maimi New York Family based/early parenthood market Innovators
Interested in high performance EVs Target Markets Campaign Timeline Advertising WSJ, Fortune, Forbes, NYT, LAT, Automotive Longleads Build relationships with media Host a PR test-drive event Leverage current PR relationships Industry Conditions High level of Exports/Imports/Globalization/Tech Medium level of Regulation Industry Motivators Environment/Technology/Gov. Support/Oil Price Brand Equity Awareness
Loyalty Sell 2000 Porsche Panamera EV's with the first year Shape and dominate the new market for luxury sport EVs Strategy: Develop and introduce a car that can dominate the market Selectively choose target markets to get maximum return Use integrated communications in media The new Porsche Panamera EV is the world’s first high performance all-electric luxury sports vehicle. With an increased driving range of 300 miles, charge time of 37 minutes, better than ever performance (0 to 60mph in 5.5 seconds), and zero tailpipe emissions, it combines efficiency and exhilaration perfectly. January March June PR Direct Marketing Pre-Launch Launch Post-Launch To existing
customers Billboards Online Events Personal Selling Social Media PR Advertising Direct Mail New York International Auto Show Sweepstake for customers
(win a test drive) Dealerships
Training Facebook Twitter Wide Distribution Online Billboards Print PR Direct Marketing Personal Selling Dealerships Events Social Media Product Placement Local events to promote the model Key Metrics Sales 2000 Panamera EVs within the first year Profits (Sales 2000*MSRP 108,725) * Profit Margin 20% = $43,490,000 Market Share Tesla vs Porsche (2000 sales) in 2013, 10% of the market Brand Awareness Partner with Agencies ex: Nielsen
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