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Guatemala Genocide

No description

Gabriella Hartzell

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Guatemala Genocide

Guatemalan Genocide By: Gabi, Sarah, Nathan, and Ethan What prejudices or stereotypes were exploited? Response by Outsiders When and where the genocide happened United States The Genocide happened in Guatemala The main targets for the government was the Mayan Indians, and they were seen to be the only people who sided with communistic views. All Mayan Indians were killed on sight including children, women,and even the elderly. The belief that the Mayans were communists turned into a racist movement against all of the Mayan indians. The UN facilitated talks between Guatemala Government and URNG

Talks established a peace treaty between the two sides signed in 1996 How was propaganda used to incite hatred for the targeted group? The Mayan Indians were victimized during this United Nations 200,000 of the Mayan Indians died 1.5 million were displaced or taken away from their homes Guerilla organizations were formed whose main thought process was that the Mayan Indians were following communism and spread the word all throughout Guatemala. People began to join the organizations to put an end to "Communist threats" the organizations were able to justify their wrong doings by stating that they were Communists. The Mayans were targeted because the government thought that they were working for a communist group. What role did ordinary citizens play? Before the Genocide they were: Ordinary men were forced to draft and fight against the Mayan Indians. Even the Mayan Indian people were sometimes forced to kill its family members and others of the Mayan Indian people. Classified as the enemy Who were the perpetrators? What were their political goals? They were dehumanized and made slaves The perpetrators of the Guatemala Genocide was the army and its paramilitary teams, also including 'civil patrols' of forcibly conscripted local men. Their political goal was to eliminate the Mayan Indians due to their communist ideas and to keep them from overriding the Guatemalan government. Violating human rights: Destroyed their crops,
slaughtered livestock,
fouled their water supplies,
and violated cultural symbols
and sacred places. Gave money in aid of the Guatemalan government

The money was used for weapons to commit the crime of genocide Testimony Stopping of Guatemalan Genocide Thursday, February 7, 2008
Juan Manual Jerónimo Ended when government signed a peace treaty with UNRG (Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unit)

United Nations organized a Commission of Historical Clarification

People convicted of genocide as well as crimes against humanity ...Jerónimo found his family’s bodies in the home of one of his brothers... ...They were 18 of the 184 people who died in the massacre... ...“They prohibited everything connected to our culture. They didn’t allow us to wear our traje (traditional clothing), they prevented our religious customs. We weren’t allowed to gather, make sacrifices and pray. Our mother language was Achí, but they no longer permitted us to talk in this dialect.”... Punishments of Perpetrators
Felipe Cusanero sentenced to 150 years in jail
Héctor Mario López Fuentes charged with genocide and crimes against humanity
Four soldiers were sentenced to a total of 6,060 years in prison How is it Memorialized? National Day of Dignity for the Victims of the Violence

Many monuments and parks built

Dedicating schools and other public buildings to victims

Many Guatemalans want their family name to be restored to good honor/faith forensic anthropologist cleans the remains of one of thirteen bodies found in a mass grave at a former army base in Catalan, Guatemala, on December 19, 2000. About 5,000 Mayan Indians were rounded up by the Guatemalan army near Chatan in December 1982. Of that number, 3,000 were reportedly killed and their bodies buried in several nearby locations. of silence Member of the feared Kaibil counterinsurgency squad of Guatemala's army. Soldiers walking through guatemala Refugees being brought into town on trucks following army sweeps into mountainsides, Nebaj, Quiche. They were taken to refugee camps Ixil refugee and children in the refugee camp near Nebaj, Quiché. Interrogation of woman and child, suspected communists, at army garrison, Chajul, Quiché. in the year 1982.
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