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Fostering Authentic Writing through Digital Feedback

No description

Andy Schoenborn

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Fostering Authentic Writing through Digital Feedback

Fostering Authentic Writing through Digital Feedback
Andy Schoenborn
Scale of Concerns
Global :
problems with thesis, structure, analysis, etc.
problems with sentences and formatting
Providing Effective Digital Feedback

Read through the entire piece before inserting comments.

Focus comments on patterns of representative strengths and weaknesses.

Use a respectful tone, and search for what is right and effective.

Ask questions and respond as a reader, not an evaluator.

Personalize final comments using two positives and one suggestion.

Revision History
Personal Peer Editing
Embedded Rubrics
The Harvard Writing Project Suggests
Try to understand and appreciate what the student was attempting to do.
Stay in touch with what is good about any particular piece of writing.
Limit the number of critical points to three or four.

Alternate Forms of Digital Feedback
Reflective Learning Blogs
What do you notice when you give students feedback on their writing?
What students notice
and a digital promising practice.
What do you hope students will do with their feedback?
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