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Blake Hutt

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of trial

WW1-WW2-Korea-Vietnam WW1-WW2 (WW1 July 28th 1914-November 11th 1918) (WW2 1939-1945)
World War 1 was blamed on Germany and they were in a state of despair because they had to pay reparations to the other countries involved in the war. Then Hitler (former WW1 soldier) came and started to say 'we were so close to France we could smell their perfum.' Then he started to play the blame game and then became leader of Germany then made Germany a fascism country. WW2-Korea-Vietnam. (Korea June 15th 1950-July 27th 1953)(Vietnam 1959-1973)
Soon after WW2 a few countries became communist-The domino effect- then lead North Korea and North Vietnam to become communist. They soon realized they wanted their whole country to become communist so they started war with their counter-parts, the South, which were semi-democratic. The communist parts were supplied by the U.S.S.R and the Democratic's by the US. Korea
Vietnam The war in Korea began on July 15th 1950 when North Korea committed war against the South.The reason they attacked is so their whole country will be united under the power of communism. 38th Parallel The defenders of South Korea included The Australians, America, Britian, Canada, Turkey, Greece, Columbia, New Zealand, The Phillippines, France, The Netherlands South Africa and Luxemburg. The medical units were from Denmark, India, Italy, Norway and Sweden. The defenders of North Korea was the Soviet Union and later China. Australia joined the Korean war because we have an alliance with America and are a part of the UN (United Nation). We were also fighting for our security because if the aggresion of communism wasn't stopped, closer Asian countries, eg Indonesia, would fall under its dominance and then communism would try to infiltrate Australia. Australia suffered a blow of 340 deaths. The amount of Army personel was 10,657. The RAN (Royal Australian Navy) had a total of 4,507 and RAAF (Royal Australian Airforce) 2,000. Total of 17,164 people. Wounded in action 1,216.
prisoners of War (POW) 29 and 1 died while captive. A big controversial issue is when MacArthur bought the Chinese into the war, by going past the the 20 mile mark at the Yalu river (which is on the border of North Korea and China) when said not to by China as they would consider this an act of war and would side with North Korea. MacArthur an arrogant man wished to provoke the Chinese into war and continued and thus bought the Chinese into the war. Near the end of the war MacArthur wanted to drop an atom bomb in Korea he was sacked after that statment by the U.S President Harry S. Truman. This was a bad front by the Americans because of the loss of life caused by MacArthur and if he abided the Chinese wishes not to go near the Yalu River would have kept China out of the war. Which would mean whole of Korea would be under South Korea's rule which would be a good thing? Sacking MacArthur would have been the best decision because he was arrogant and foolish. MacArthur Bibliography


Vincent Stratton - My Grandfather

SOSE Folder By Blake Hutt
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