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30 Facts About Me: The Gigi Story

This is a Prezi About The life of Gianna E.

Gianna E.

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of 30 Facts About Me: The Gigi Story

About Me:
The Gianna Edmunds Story 1. 4. 14. 13. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 22. 20. 21. My middle Name is Anjanette I’m 16 I’m a Senior My birthday is September 26 I was born in Philadelphia, Pa I moved to Delaware when I was 9 I am African American and two types of Native American I gave away my dog Pepa years ago I gave away my other dog, Gizmo I love to dance, write, sing, play volleyball & tennis and act I'm supposed wear glasses I have a 2 year old baby sister named Lynette AKA Lala I am 5’2.5” My favorite food is Philly cheesesteaks (Actually made in Philly) My least favorite foods are mushrooms and jelly filled donuts. My favorite movie is Love & Basketball My favorite Color is Purple My favorite computer game is Sims My Favorite ice cream flavor is Pralines and cream I want to major in Psychology and Minor in Biology I have gone to Conrad since I was in 6th grade My Sistas are Sidnei, Stacey and Lauren #FearsomeFoursome Two of my bestfriends moved away. Jenna to NY, Neena to NC My favorite pattern is zebra print. I live with my mom My favorite books are what my mother doesn’t know, what my girlfriend doesn’t know, Deadline and The Twilight Series. I have gotten Honor Roll all my Life My favorite teacher is Mr. Naylor And last, but not least... Thank You for your time :) I had 2 Yorkie Shi Tsu's. I gave them away 3 years ago when my sister was born
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