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Film and T.V

No description

Naura Reynoso

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Film and T.V

Film and T.V
Naura Reynoso
T.V Shooting Process
The Pitching
-The first step is to pitch a studio: Once you have studio backing, you go to the network.
-Many times the project is pitched to a producer that has a deal with a studio and can then present the project
-This process can take weeks or go incredibly fast: depends on the producer's notability and story relevance
The Noting
Both the studio and the network will have things they want to see changed on your pitch
-it's a rare T.V show that make it to air while still reflecting the original vision of the creator
-studio and network's have differences on what these changes may be, but in the end the network buys so they call the shots
Outline, Script, Casting
Accepted pitches get refined into outlines that become pilot scripts
-The network proceeds to order pilot scripts: once the first draft is in, the network and studio give out notes: revised network copy is written
The Casting
Networks are competing for the same small number of people with the right level of experience, name recognition, and status to carry a show
Also competing over directors and crews.
The Filming
Production and Post-production happen in March and April
Now to create the actual pilot that you've been pitching since June!
Series run is 13 episodes, a full season 22 episodes. Each about 44 min long.
May: the networks have "upfronts" : if the show gets picked up, the creators and actors sit on a discussion panel infront of a crowd of advertisers and journalist
Start filming in late July!

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