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Kopie von FREE TEMPLATE - Around The World

A free Prezi Template with around the world concept. A 3D earth image with various elements for your amazing story. Download from Prezibase.com or directly Save a copy right here!

Daniel Flügel

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Kopie von FREE TEMPLATE - Around The World

Answer and Question Round
prezi templates
prezibase templates
1.economy between Germany and USA
2.TTIP historical chance for free trade
economic perspective
trade policy perspective
foreign policy perspective

3.TTIP critiscm
2 Statements
Transatlantic Trade and
Investment Partnership

1.economy between Germany and USA
TTIP debated between EU and USA since July 2013
Both regions are 1/3 world trade
Number 2 worldwide export target
Ca. 600000 jobs are implemented

Exports have a lot of trade barriers, at most for medium sized company
Value of goods about 500 Mrd. € are been traded between EU and USA per year (14% the USA for EU) and (17% the EU for USA) if we added services its almost 800 mrd. €
Non tariffs (productstandards etc.) like 20% tariff in EU-US Trade
Finance and services for firms are most traded and they are important
increasing costs for consumers and also added transportcosts, exchange rate fluctuations, legislation on products, approval procedures etc.
Figure 1 show us the process about trade for goods between Germany and usa. Finance crisis 2000. 2001 – 2008 exchange rate dollar decreased euro increased, that results in german export goods lost their attractiveness on the American market. Reactivity from 2009 to 2013 from 6,8 to 8,1 % increasing cause cure about finance crisis and reindustrialization of the usa

Figure 2: shows us over 60% export of goods comes from Bayern, baden würrtemberg and nordhein westfallen, hessen etc. are big in imports
notice: industriel nations works intern
The intra industriel german usa typically character build up as globalization value-chain of individual products. Especially major groups like general motors or ford have stages of production where products where produced in other countries
Specialization in products lead us to large variety of goods, lower prices cause of international competition etc.
Figure 4: Trade relations among Germany and usa are very important in other factors as well like investment location, according to german central bank 2012 ca. 266 mrd € that’s are 22,2 percent of the global investment Germanys 500% increased from 1990 to 2012
2. TTIP historical chance for free trade
Economic perspective
Removing from none tariffs would be great for large companies with high exports
Food and drink stuffs have different product standards and because of that high tariffs
The peoples of each country don’t want product standards getting standardized
The biggest problem are the protection standards of goods because they are all so different
Trade policy perspective
Bilateral free trade agreement is just a second best solution
WTO agreement would be better but that’s not possible because to much difference between regions and their standards
Foreign policy perspective
Stronger bond between eu and usa important cause rising of geopolitical risk
TTIP provides an opportunity for international standards these could be used for the WTO as well
Only every 4th german against it and every 5th amercian
3. TTIP criticism
Statement: process of negotiation is not transparent and undemocratically
Opponents against TTIP confirming negotiations are behind the doors
EU-Commission got a negotiating mandate and have to inform every member state and the trade council of the European parliament after every round of negotiations
The government of each member can also gain access for some types of negotiation documents to watch over it
After successful conclusions of negotiations, European council also European parliament have to agree
Statement: TTIP endangered high eu-standards in terms of consumer protections
Precautionary principle EU before a good can be sold it has to meet 100% security of no risks
Aftercare principle USA after there are risk for health they will deal with it
Usa standards for meat and handy radiation are heavier

Thank you for your attention!




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