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Roles of Animals in Human Society: Media

Week 1

Tanya Mehmet

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Roles of Animals in Human Society: Media

Animals in the Media Roles of Animals in Human Society How are animals used in our society?
An example... Advertising is all about getting our attention. Why are animals used in adverts?
Animals in the Media We are constantly bombarded with
information from newspapers,
magazines and the internet. Reports and Campaigns As level 3 students, you should be aware of the power of the media and aim to have some perspective over the material you are exposed to. Lesson Objectives 1) Recognize the roles of animals in human society

2) Review and evaluate the use of animals in the media
There are 4.5 million pigs, 10 million cattle, 30 million sheep/lambs and 150 million chickens in the UK.

Last year over 2 million cattle and 14 million sheep were sent to slaughter.

There are 466,000 people working in the UK agriculture sector which was worth £4.38bn in 2010. The media is a powerful tool and can influence public opinion with its content.

Animal related news is a regular media topic – can you think of any recent reports in the news, any recent documentaries you have seen etc? Are stories providing a balanced point of view or are they influencing your opinion by only providing one side of the story?

Is there evidence of using stereotypes that would influence your opinions?

Is the media using ‘loaded’ language e.g. They may refer to sharks ‘infesting’ waters where humans swim. Does the language used influence your opinion as the word infesting is quite negative? Task Read the article given to
You will feedback the points
below to the class They have a range of expressions that we can relate to - 'cute' factor.

They can 'act' human - anthropomorphic.

They can be used to represent certain themes.

Businesses use animals to show their customers that they are in touch with nature. This is important as we move to greener times. You will watch four short adverts that have been previously broadcast in the UK. Whilst you watch consider the following:
What is being advertised?
What animals are used in the advert?
Why do you think this animal was used?
What do you remember immediately after watching each advert?
Do you think that more products were sold as a result of using this advert?
Do you think the animals welfare has been compromised at all, explain why? Animals in the Media: Films The film industry can often rely on animals too.
Which films have ‘starred’ animals?
You have been given a list of various animals . Sort them into three groups to show what sort of news stories you think they appear in most often?

GOOD PRESS – Green Highlighter
BAD PRESS – Red Highlighter
MIXED PRESS - Orange Highlighter You have been given a list of various animals. Sort them into three groups to show what sort of news stories you think they appear in most often...

Recap Task “The greatness of a nation and
its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals
are treated.” Ghandi
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