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sitra Adill

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Niger

The six Social Indicators
Life Expectancy
Natural Increase
Malnutrition death rate
population growth
Birth rate
GNP per person = 213
Dept per person=169
Dept as % of GNP =79
Life Expectancy=59.3 years
Natural Increase = 40.18/1000p
Malnutrition death rate=56.01/100,000p
population growth = 3.8%
Birth rate= 50/1000
I am going to present what I have found through out my research about the social indicators of Niger. I am going to be talking about the comparison between Niger and Canada in terms of Population,GNP, Food etc..
Investigating the social indicators of Niger
GNP per person=50577.5
Debt per person=17215.15
Debt rate as % of GNP= 86.51
Life expectancy=81.24 years
Natural increase=3.64/1000p
Malnutrition death rate=0.31/100,000
Population growth= 1.2%
Birth rate= 11/1000
Analysis on the graphs
Graph #1
Graph #3
Graph # 4
Graph # 5
Graph # 6
The Culture in Niger
When we compare Canada and Niger in terms of GNP,Canada has a better economy, so the GNP per person is higher. Although, Canada has a higher debt than Niger, because of its higher economy and low population rate, it is not one of the highly indebted countries.
Graph # 2
Niger has shorter life expectancy because of malnutrition rate, poor hygiene , inadequate medical service and other factors.
Canada has higher life expectancy rate because of its economy, health care, nutrition etc....
The natural increase in Niger is high ; meaning the birth rate is much higher than the death rate . This is because of different reasons, to cite a few: cultural values, religion, life style etc....

As to Canada, the culture is different to that of Niger and it is more developed and prosperous country.
Niger is a third world country and its malnutrition death rate is pretty high due to the shortage of food.

Canada is a developed and relatively wealthy country; its population can afford to eat more and nutritious food.
Niger's population
growth rate kept increasing as the years go by while Canada's rate decreased overtime.
As we have seen earlier on the graph, Canada's birth rate is pretty low while Niger's is high. The culture, religion, life style etc.. in Niger increases the birth rate.
Religion= Muslim
Language= French

This project was a great way to learn about some countries and show our understanding of social indicators. It was a little bit challenging when I had to find the info for both countries on each social indicators I chose. Overall, the project was interesting and very educational as well.

Thank you!
By: Sitra adill
"Search - Knoema.com." Knoema. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2016.
"Life Expectancy in Niger." World Life Expectancy. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2016.
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