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Current Event

No description

Joy Onuwa

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Current Event

The medical service advised that “individuals refusing adequate liquids” be
given fluids forcibly, through a “rectal tube.”
Thursday, March 23, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
When Doctors First Do Harm
Paradigm Shift
CIA physicians played a large role in the designing of the post 9/11 torture program. Although it was known that they monitored torture, their new role as engineers for torture techniques is the issue.The physicians broke medical ethics by lying to detainees and aiding in abuse. They also helped design a more brutal method of waterboarding. Unethical methods such as keeping detainees awake for long stretches of time, forcibly giving them fluids via a rectal tube, and hiding drugs in food were performed.The Justice Department allowed the stimulation of drowning by placing a wet cloth over the face of the detainees but instead, liters of waters were poured over their faces.The abuse that the physicians helped plan put the detainees in deadly risk.

After reading this article, I would not necessarily say I had a paradigm shift as I disagreed with torture in the first place. I am however more opposed to it now that I know just how cruel the torture methods are. Not only are the detainees put at risk for death, they are also tortured psychologically. It is disgusting that people were specifically hired to produce ways in which to inflict pain on others, and doctors no less. Yes, they were criminals, but what sets the United States apart from less developed countries if we are going to stoop down to savagery?

Current Event
I feel torn because I understand that these acts are being performed to protect national security, yet at the same time, it is very cruel. The article upsets me because the doctors swore an oath to do no harm but they are designing methods on inflicting pain on people. Now want to understand why the doctors agreed to participate in the program. I found the article is interesting because the United States is inflicting pain on people in order to protect its citizens from people who want to inflict pain on them. I still wonder if the end justifies the means in the case of doctors torturing people to get information that could protect more people.

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