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It's Kind of a Funny Story

No description

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of It's Kind of a Funny Story

It's Kind of a Funny Story
Ned Vizzini
Craig Gilner has the insight of the story. When Craig starts high school he wishes he wasn't excepted into Pre Professional High School. He starts to get stressed out and he just loses it. Craig dreamed about jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, and his dream almost became a reality. Luckily though, he is checked into the mental ward of his local hospital. While in the hospital he uncovers his love for drawing and reveals his true meaning of life.
Bobby is one of many people checked into the hospital with Craig. What makes Bobby stand out? Craig finds his sarcastic remarks to be pleasurable and his mischievous ways ever funnier, but finds his loving heart to be the best of all. Bobby is one of the older men in the hospital, and he needs to cleen up his act fast. He hopes to see his daughter again someday, but the only thing holding him back is being stuck in, what he calls, "the looney bin."
Noelle is one of the few juniors in the hospital besides Craig. The first thing Craig notices about Noelle is the scars that cover her face. She did not want to cover up her dark past and rough childhood, and now she is ready for her bright future. She has a love interest in Craig which is revealed toward the end of the story.
Setting and Plot
Craig Gilner lives in a small apartment somewhere within walking distance of Brooklyn. The psychiatric ward is located in Brooklyn, not to far from the Brooklyn Bridge.
The exposition: The story takes place in New york, and the characters include Craig, Noelle, and Bobby.
Rising actions:
1. Craig gets accepted to Pre Professional School
2. Craig starts to miss assignments and gets low grades
3. Craig is diagnosed with depression and starts speaking with a specialist
Climax: Craig becomes suicidal and is checked into a psychiatric hospital.
Falling actions:
1. Craig meets new people and friends in the hospital.
2. Craig discovers his love for art.
3. Craig meets his first love, Noelle.
Resolution: Craig transfers to an art school in Manhattan and stays in touch with Noelle.
Conflict and Theme
The conflict of the story is that Craig needs to find out who he really is. He needs to realize that what he thinks he wants is not really what he needs. He thinks that to be popular he needs a lot of friends and in the process he loses the only one he will ever need.
The theme of the story is that you can never give up. When Craig thought he was a failure, he thought about committing suicide, but instead he was the one who reached out for help and went to the psychiatric hospital. instead of giving up on life, Craig got help and made changes.
Recommendation and Writing Technique
I would defiantly recommend this book. The book was very well written. Craig Gilner could pass as an actual High School student! A lot of teens can relate to Craig, and can understand what he is going through.
Writing Technique
The author's writing is very descriptive and is specific to detail. Most if not all of the sentences are complex. There are no meaningless sentences, and every sentence is wrote with though put into it. Everything said in the story is believable and nothing is over exaggerated.
Hope You Enjoyed !
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