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Agency: BBDO

No description

Chris Hurlbert

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Agency: BBDO

Who are they?
BBDO Worldwide is the world's most awarded ad agency
Part of Omnicom
15,000 employees
289 offices
81 countries

Mission: to create content and ideas so magical and powerful that they
change the way consumers think
, feel, talk and act about a brand

"With consumers having so many different communications options, it's creativity that has the magical ability to capture their attention and change the way they think and what they do" - Andrew Robertson, BBDO Worldwide CEO

Big, but nimble; traditional, yet innovative.
Always creative
. Always driven by this greater sense of purpose.

Obsessive focus: The Work, The Work, The Work
Work that drives consumer behavior change
Work that leads to financial reward
Creative excellence a top priority
Brief History
Largest Accounts
The Economist
(53-year relationship)
General Electric
(92-year relationship)
(over half a century)
SC Johnson
Pinnacle Foods
Hyatt Hotels
Procter & Gamble
(over half a century)
Johnson & Johnson
George Batten
Batten's is the first agency to install in-house printing.
Armstrong Cork Company awards its account to Batten. It is currently BBDO's oldest client.
Batten Company and BDO merge to form BBDO. New company has over 600 employees.
"Big Bang" merger of BBDO and DDB Needham to form Omnicom.
BBDO is seen as a huge innovator in the creative space of TV commercials. Wins awards.
NYC Mayor Bloomberg declares January 10th "BBDO Day."
2007 - 2011
BBDO Worldwide wins "Network of the Year" award at Cannes. Unheard of 5-year streak.
Who is in charge?
Account Management
communication between agency and brand

Relationships built on commitment

Long-term relationships
with their accounts

Problems are worked out before account is put under review

Network approach is a new focus
Example: Campaign for Hormel managed by BBDO Minneapolis, teams from New York, Chicago and Atlanta invited to brainstorm
Agency Weaknesses
Network should be
more collaborative
. Currently offices are siloed and work relatively independently from one another.
"Our greatest strength was - and is - the strength of our individual offices" - Paul Robertson, CEO

Digital advertisements are relatively weak compared to the industry at large. Relative
lack of integration

The large size of the company is a weakness. Employees feel like a number rather than an individual.

The foundation of the company is
Agency's Unique Selling Proposition
Obcessive focus on The Work, The Work, The Work

Global network

Most awarded network

Mutual respect with clients, built over time

Stong culture that rallies the agency and inspires the client
Agency Philosophy & Culture
The Work, The Work, The Work
Culture focuses on every aspect of the process
that goes into the process of creating and delivering
game-changing ideas
. Not just the creative.
Media Planning
Client Relationships
Knowledge base in client's business
Even accounting procedures
The Work is what is done every day to reinforce or
change behavior
- and lead to financial reward for their clients.

The only work that matters is work that changes behavior.

Creative excellence
is a top priority.
Culture of inspiration. Big picture thinking.
Key Players
Andrew Robertson
President and CEO
BBDO Worldwide
Visionary leader
18 years with BBDO

David Lubars
Chairman and CCO
BBDO North America
Change agent
Troy Ruhanen
Chairman and CEO
The Americas
Digital & Social
Chris Thomas
Chairman and CEO
BBDO Asia, Middle East, and Africa
Energy & Leadership
John Osborn
President and CEO
BBDO New York
Inspires others
Simon Bond
Chief Marketing Officer
BBDO Worldwide
Business development
Network expansion
Traditional Creative
DuPont, 1935 - Change brand image
Pepsi, 1963 - Brands become personal
The Economist, 1980s - Understanding the client
Carlton Draught, 2013 - Always creative
Proximity is the digitally focused direct marketing arm of BBDO
Skittles, 2013 - Use of technology
Users control movement of real skittles with their eyes

Audi, 2012 - Integrated digital campaign
Fake product that was marketed as a real product online.
Successfully increased the association of technological attributes and Audi.

Agency Strengths
Long history with many of their accounts provides BBDO with an awareness of
respective markets

Size and depth-of-pocket: BBDO pays to hire the best talent.

Strong external reputation and strong internal culture.

Strong network of individual branches.

Good at producing
integrated campaigns and advertisements.
Industry Trends
1) Growth of Digital Advertising
Proximity is formed to focus on digital marketing
Digital Lab is created: education and innovation-centered seminar series
Seminars are desiged to actively convert attendees into institutional change agents, providing them with the knowledge of applying digital strategies into the core of their organizations.

2) Age of Consolidation
BBDO is a pioneer: merged with DDB Needham in 1986 to form Omnicom, who is now merging with Publicis to form the Publicis Omnicom Group.
Potential conflict: competing brands working with different agencies across a single holding company (share of proprietary information).
Example: Energy BBDO (Chicago office) is handling the recently-awarded Bud Light account in order to avoid conflicts with Guinness, managed out of BBDO New York.
Conflicts like this will increase with consolidation.

3) Data is the name of the game
DataWork is created to support BBDO & Proximity
Building lasting and closer consumer relationships
Optimise return from marketing communications investment
Data gathered from consumer feedback is integral

4) More personalized advertising
Use of data to better target consumers. Due to BBDO's size they can potentially become a bigger player in this trend.
Example: BMW - BBDO created a personalized experience for affluent consumers to better target them. Developed an email campaign, had an author write a book that the consumer "starred" in, and invited consumers in to test drive a new car.

Recent Wins & Losses
Bud Light
Pearle Vision
Bank of America
1930s - 1980s
Company grows in size and continues to win new accounts.
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