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InMinds Project

No description

Chara Papanikolaou

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of InMinds Project

Changing lives. Opening Minds.
New training content and methodology
, based on an innovative management concept developed from real life inputs and totally customized (new content – interactive case studies, and new methodology, prototyping and Mood Explosion simulator).
Database and benchmarking
. A knowledge bank structure with previous jobs transitions allowing new trainees to determine the success probability of their job mobility.
- Online real time feedback through
the Barometer
that will track individual’s performance / choices on the field after the training, in order to reinforce new habits, refreshing training contents through online real time feedback.
Policy recommendations
and contribution to standards of skills needed specifically for the European printing industry of the future.

The skills gap and the demand of knowledge and know-how on digital printing techniques that were not previously required, are the new challenges of the European printing industry.

aims to stimulate the capacity of the printing (publishing) sector human resource towards lifelong learning practices in order to become more competitive, productive and adaptive to the constant developments of the ICT sector affecting it in a dire manner.
The project addresses the printing sector’:
workers, employers & SMEs, National agencies involved in Vocational Education and Training and
Continuous Vocational Education and Training (VET/CVET),
Employment services, Policy makers at a local, regional, national and European level,
Training providers,
Educational institutions and
Lifelong Learning Institutes.
For who?
The challenge
InMinds project
Final Outputs:
Create a standard of profile of the printing industries that best changed their operations to new media
Develop a more marketing mindset to support the transition / adaptability
Create a unique and innovative monitoring ICT system to track people's new learning (Barometer).
Build a knowledge bank with the data gathered from questionnaire / barometer / projects
Provide stakeholders and policy makers with input on the skills needed in the modern printing industry
Produce a Replication Guide which will be used by other industries that face similar challenges with the printing industry.
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