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A Day in the Life

No description

Melissa Derby

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of A Day in the Life

Of a college student! A Day in the Life Rise and Shine! Homework For the most part, we get to choose our own classes AND when we take them!

So we can have our first class at 8:00 AM. or 12:00 PM.. It's up to us!

Whether we're planning to start the day with either breakfast or lunch, be sure to stop by the dining hall before class to see friends and get some great food! Welcome to the Dining Hall YOU get to choose what classes you want to take, and what major interests you the most. More on that later...

Most classes aren't just boring, silent lectures in dark rooms... A lot of college classes are exciting, out-there, involve a lot of talking, and can get... a little wild sometimes!

Class might just be your favorite part of college! Classes! After classes are all over, we often feel like taking a break and having fun!

Good thing there are a TON of places and ways to have fun on a college campus... we could:

-Play or watch lots of different sports... (whether we're good at them or not!)

-Join hundreds of different clubs and organizations, where we can do things that interest us and meet people that like the same things!

-Go see a concert or a musical, take a hike, see a band, volunteer, hang out with friends... YOU get to choose how you want to have fun in college! Activities and Entertainment! There are lots of options offered in most dining halls. And usually, you can eat as much of it as you want! This is also a great place to meet new friends and hang with old ones.

You can have a hot breakfast, a cold breakfast, or no breakfast. Fruit and salad, or french toast and cookies? Your choice!

Don't forget to grab some hot chocolate or ice cream on your way out though! Options, options...! Great food, Great friends! Explore the world... in class! Not your normal classroom... College isn't just about having fun, so we need to start on our homework sometime...

But that doesn't mean we can't make homework and studying fun! We like to get together with classmates and friends in groups, and have study parties! The dining hall has tons of different options itself... but we can go to a lot of different places to get food. Most colleges have lots of different options! We don't just go to the dining hall to get food... we go to hang out with all our friends! Some of our friends being goofs (with pie!): A lot of us like to spend some time studying abroad- taking college classes around the world. It gives us a chance to meet new people from different cultures and see some amazing things! Look who that is, with some friends in her "Chemistry of Cooking" class... in Italy! Our friend Hilary taking a Spanish class... in Spain! Of course, we all knew what she was REALLY studying there. The beaches. Go watch a game!... Or hang out in a club!... Or see a concert!... Lots of friends! Too much sugar does that to people... We can go to the E Cafe, where they serve amazing sandwiches, fruit smoothies, and bagels... Or we can go to Cafe 77, where they have great burgers, fries, and the legendary sunrise sandwich! Most colleges have even more dining
options than this! Believe it or not, most college professors like to keep things interesting! Most of them encourage us to talk and argue our own opinions in their classes. Some of them like to mix it up a little while teaching... What's the best way to learn about ancient Greek battle tactics in class?... Make students form their own Greek phalanx formation and then charge each other! How about a dance class... in the air? You could hang out in the dining hall and eat while listening to some student bands perform... Or go to the performing arts center and see something a little more crazy! Ever secretly wished you knew
how to sword-fight? Well you're not the only one! So try
joining the Fencing Club! Love to sing your heart out? Do
you wish your life was a musical? So do the people on the multiple A Capella
groups around campus! Got mad chess skills and want to show the
world? Sit down in the commons and start
a game of chess- or join the chess club! OK so now you're bored of chess and want something a little more fast-paced. Tag along with the paintball club on one of their trips! Love a little low-key classical music instead? Well college has got
you covered... attend
a student orchestra concert concert! Good morning campus!! (@ UVA) Building a... catapult/slingshot/awesome
contraption in engineering class at VMI Footbaaaaalll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheerleading at UVA Richmond Spiders
Soccer Game! Study group at Liberty! STUDY PARTIES!!!!! Sometimes, you have to stay up late to finish your homework... :(

But its ok, because so does everyone else!! :) That means pizza! Often, dining options are open until LATE at night! You can even create your own club! Hope your roommate isn't
as crabby as Garfield in
the morning! :) study room at VT !
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