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Gold Rush Stuff

No description

Catharine Alvarez

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Gold Rush Stuff

Our Gold Rush Stuff We went to
Malakoff Diggins We made candle lanterns We made little wooden benches We washed a lot of dishes and froze my hands! Then... it rained. A lot!

So... we got soaking wet. On the bright side, we had dry clothes. We dipped our own candles. The first day we made crafts! The dishwashing team I was in was called
{the wonderful washers} On our team there were:

2 people who handed dirty dishes to the washers
2 washers
1 rinser
2 people who hung the dishes to dry Books that we read: Dame Shirley and the gold rush is about
a lady who willingly went to a gold rush camp
called [Rich Bar] Mac said this book was boring. We also went to the
[Wells Fargo Museum]! and how we got there first Wells Fargo bank The museum Mac with the notorious stagecoach robber
[Black Bart] was built on the site of the The stagecoach we rode on Someone found this machine where you could sit on a stool
and have your picture taken
to be put on gold rush money. we all got to listen to everyone's funny camp names I was called Lizard Lena
there was also Cyote Cathy,Shotgun Sharol, and Mountian Mac. we all slept in tent cabins coverd in canvs so our stuff got soking wet
because it began to rain during the night sleeping quaters there was a boys cabin agirls cabin and an adults cabin and
also two family cabins there were about 6 people to a cabin because that was how many people cold fit in them comfortabaly fit in to
them with alot of luggage over night rain leaked through the canvas roofso all of our stuff got wet
nobody wanted to get out of our sleeping bags because they were so cozy. the next morning we got dressed in all of
our layers even so we were still cold the most amazing stuff is made by hand!
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