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PEST Analysis for Amazon Cloud

No description

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of PEST Analysis for Amazon Cloud

PEST Analysis for
Amazon Cloud

Federal Republic
Brazil is moving forward with their internet and data protection
Laws and regulations have been passed to provide protection to consumers in a cloud system
Bills are also being developed to provide more security

GDP: $2.253 trillion USD
Inflation rate of 5.4%
Labor force of 107.3 million
5.7% Unemployment Rate
One of the worlds greatest rising economies
Possibly one of the top 5 in the near future

43.6% of the total population is between 25-54 years old
87% Urban Population
90.4% Literacy Rate
Problems with crime and drugs, especially in cities
Murder rate is over four times higher than US

49.8% of the population has internet access
26.577 million internet hosts
78.982 million internet users

Semi-Presidential Republic
Legislation regarding the 35 hour work week has been relaxed
Rank low for ease of doing business
GDP: $2.613 trillion USD
Inflation rate of 0.86%
Labor force of 27.9 million
10.9% Unemployment Rate
Spends 1.5% of total GDP on employee training programs and apprenticeships
2.2 million French employees work for international companies in France
Prospers from tourism and is known as most visited country in the world
99% Literacy rate
39% of the country speaks English with two thirds of professionals under 30 years old
The French educational system is free and open to everybody
High percentage of the French population goes on to higher education
Ranked high in Europe for the percentage of employees who hold a scientific or technical degree
83% of the population with internet access
Ambitious policy to develop clusters or hubs of industry intelligence, research institutes, training centers and businesses
United Kingdom
Constitutional Monarchy
Global approach to foreign policy
Lack of standardization in cloud computing industry due to infancy
Current data protection law is outdated in regards to the cloud
Data Protection Act of 1988
Cloud Security Alliance
GDP: $2.443 trillion USD
Inflation rate of 2.8%
Labor force of 32.07 million
70% Employment Rate
Average income: $796 USD per week
41.1% of the total population is between 25-54 years old
80% Urban Population
99% Literacy Rate
Widening wealth disparity between prosperous South-East England and the rest of the UK
Ethnically diverse
Concerns with terrorism and Islamic radicalism

81.6% of the population has internet access
206 secure internet servers for every million people
Government shift away from Microsoft Office Suite to cloud-based open documents
Creation of CloudStore

Federal Parliamentary Democracy and a Commonwealth Realm
Frequent discussions about the future monarchy and change to a republic
Policies are generally focused on Asian neighbors
Large contributor of international peacekeeping efforts, especially in the South Pacific
Striving to become a leader in the use of cloud services
Full-time employees receive flexible work schedules
GDP: $1.488 trillion USD
Inflation rate of 2.4%
Labor force of 12.44 million
5.7% Unemployment Rate
Strong economy from its natural resources with a high standard of living
Dependable market to invest
42% of the total population is between 25-54 years old
89% Urban Population
99% Literacy Rate
76% Speak English at home
Other languages include: Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Greek
Population centers and developed areas concentrated along southeast coast
Egalitarian business models: less emphasis on American hierarchal structure
71% of the population has internet access
Well-developed patent and IP laws
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