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Joshua L., Sienna, Hyesu

Stephen Martin

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Tri-Games

Tri-Games Results for the three surveys Survey #1: Themes Survey #3: Balancing Survey #2: Choice of Chance So the two games are... Lost and Food Frenzy! Game #1 Game #2 Your plane crashes and you and a tourist land on to the deserted island. You can roll the dice to choose your island. There is a two-man boat on the other side of the island that comes once in a year. You and the tourist have to be a rival to arrive at the boat. The boat men will take only one person and will take the person that will pay more. The island has plenty of expensive gems, and also big dangers. You will lose gems if you don’t move away from the dangers. Some animals will attack you, which you have to move away from. If you and the tourist get same amount of gems, it will depend on how much time you escaped the dangers. There is limit of time that you need to accomplish. You roll a dice that says 1 to 6 and 1 is easier but slow and six is fast enough to not run out of time, but hard. If you and the tourist both run out of time and not get there in time, you both lose. So, run now and hurry up! The time is ticking! Your family has decided to become restaurant owners in FoodVille with no money left. You are helping them by being the cook/waitress. The first few days, the people liked all the food in the restaurant and your family has thought of putting a special dice on every table so they could randomly choose the foods. Each food will represent a colour. You will have to mix the primary colours to make new colours and serve what they want. The customers will start to get angry if you don’t serve them fast enough. If five of your customers leave because it’s not served in time, the business will fail. If you serve them before time is up, you get money. You can upgrade your restaurant by making it bigger or changing it. Also you can buy new recipes and also the dice will have one more sides to it. There are different levels you have to beat and it will be hard. Good Luck to all those people who try to succeed this new game. You just have to beat the rush of FOOD FRENZY! Joshua, Sienna and Hyesu Thank you for watching Tri-Games Corporation © 2010 Tri-Games Questions?
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