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Welcome to Second Grade


CL Carter

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Second Grade

Our School Vision
To support and guide every student who attends Jordan Elementary School to develop his/her potential as a “learner” to the highest level; To provide every student with opportunity and access to become an “exemplary” learner.
“Recognized for Excellence”
School Motto
Principal- Mrs. Voss
Assistant Principals-
Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Rodriguez
Tribute used to "strengthen" the
military fire power of the
Delian League
Other city-states angry
our Money?
Athena's Temple
Cities and Crops
Welcome to Second Grade
You may go to
your child's room.
Libby Sibert
Hilda Magallanez
Cheri Carter
Terri Rubio
Jennifer Gaule
Yvonne Carreon
Liliana Gomez
Please call and set up a
We can meet
with you on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. We can even schedule a time after school.
Our time is 8:30 - 9:15
or after school.
Rubio & Gomez

Magallanez & Sibert

Carreon & Gaule

Please make sure your child arrives at school and is picked up on time. NEVER leave your child outside the school without supervision.
Anytime you come into the building you have to sign in and check out!
Send a written note for both daily and permanent changes. Try to send a note rather than call.
If someone different will be picking up your child,
please be sure to include
them on the emergency
Please notify your child’s teacher of any address and phone number changes.
Each Night Conduct will come home.
Sign or initial.
Return everyday and do not remove from folder.
Students will be expected to read at their AR level as determined by the STAR test and maintain an average of 85%. We will let you and your child know how many points they need to accumulate each 9 weeks. Make sure that they read each night. If they forget their book, you may have them reread something from their bookshelf at home.
Please label all coats, sweaters,
bags, hats etc. with your child’s
During the cooler months we
have lots of abandoned
sweaters, jackets, and coats in
our lost and found.
Check the lost and found before
May. Anything left is donated.
We ask that they bring some kind of a bag to school everyday. Backpacks or tote bags work great. At this point, the backpack can be small, since we do not send home very much homework.
Please check your child’s bag every night for important information that might have been sent home that day.
Birthdays are important to second graders, and you may choose to bring a treat to school in honor of the special day. We ask that all birthday treats sent that are to be shared with classmates come as individual servings that do not require utensils (cookies). Please make sure you send a note or call the school 24 hours in advance to inform them about bringing a birthday treat. Please no sheet cakes or cakes that need to be cut with a knife. We will serve birthday treats at the very end of the day according to district/state guidelines.
Students must be present 90% of the school year to pass to the next grade.
If your child is absent, call the school before 8:30.
If you don’t call or contact the office by note, the missed day will be “unexcused.”
Thank You For Attending Our Parent Orientation Meeting
We are a
Title I Campus
The next item up is a short video.
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