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Noel Coward

An interesting look into the life of an interesting Playwright

Terry Ecklund

on 9 November 2009

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Transcript of Noel Coward

Noel Coward Playwright

Plays * The Last Chapter (1917)
* Woman and Whisky (1918)
* The Rat Trap (1918)
* I'll Leave It to You (1920)
* The Young Idea (1922)
* Sirocco (1921)
* The Better Half (1922)
* The Queen Was in the Parlour (1922)
* Weatherwise (1923)
* Fallen Angels (1925)
* The Vortex (1924)
* Hay Fever (1925)
* Easy Virtue (1925)
* Semi-Monde originally Ritz Bar (1926)
* This Was a Man (1926)
* The Marquise (1927)
* Home Chat (1927)
* Private Lives (1930)
* Post-Mortem (1932)
* Cavalcade (1931)
* Design For Living (1933)
* Point Valaine (1934)
* Tonight at 8:30 (1935/36)
* Present Laughter (1939)
* This Happy Breed (1939)
* Blithe Spirit (1941)
* Peace In Our Time (1947)
* Long Island Sound (1947)
* South Sea Bubble (Island Fling in USA), (1951)
* Relative Values (1951)
* Quadrille (1952)
* Nude with Violin (1956)
* Volcano (1957)
* Look After Lulu (1959)
* Waiting in the Wings (1960)
* Suite in Three Keys: A Song at Twilight; Shadows of the Evening; Come into the Garden, Maud (1966)
* Star Quality (1967)
The Vortex (1924) A story about the troubled life of Nicky Lancaster (originally played by Coward) and his mother. The story revolves around Nicky's proposal to his girlfriend and his mother's affairs with young men.
The play also deals with Nicky's addiction to cocaine and his hidden homosexuality.
Present Laughter (1939) This play centres around the life of actor Garry Essendine. The character is just getting ready to tour Africa, but before he can go he is forced to handle seductive women, his demanding family, a strange playwright and a mid-life crisis.

ACTING Noel Coward starred in most of his
plays when they were first produced.
Many of the characters Noel played had were somewhat autobiographical. He also starred in several films, some of which he also wrote. Movies In Which We Serve (1943) Noel Coward wrote, starred and directed this film.
Coward worked for British Bureau of Propaganda and this film ties into his work there with themes of unity in a wartime context
Coward also composed the music for this film The Astonished Heart (1950) This play was made into a movie in which Noel Coward plays Dr. Christian Faber.
He also played this role in the premiere of the play. Music Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1955) It's said that he wrote this song on the road without the help of a pen or paper.
He came up with the rhythms and intonations by repeating them until he was finally able to sing the full thing to his travel companion. Artwork "The Master" www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZCmoAEragg www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex4YwKpyUt4 7:45 www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdEnxNog56E "There are probably greater painters than Noël, greater novelists than Noël, greater librettists, greater composers of music, greater singers, greater dancers, greater comedians, greater tragedians, greater stage producers, greater film directors, greater cabaret artists, greater TV stars. If there are, they are fourteen different people. Only one man combined all fourteen different labels – The Master."
-Lord Mountbatten "The Master" Noel Coward Wednesday 4th, April 1942

They know perfectly well that for me this is the hardest week of the whole picture Nevertheless, I intend to do it if I die in the attempt.

-The Noel Coward Diaries Friday 25th, September 1942
It is really wonderful that the picture should be a success. God knows it has been a long and bloody travail. I cannot help being glad to think of the guns that have been spiked.

-The Noel Coward Diaries
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