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Pop Music v.s Post-hardcore Rock

No description

Kaitlyn Student

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Pop Music v.s Post-hardcore Rock

Pop Music v.s Post-hardcore Rock

Pop music is a major part of our culture. But what exactly is the meaning in the songs? And why are they so popular?
Post-hardcore rock is not nearly as popular as pop music, but why? And what are those lyrics sayings?
Let's take a look.
Pop Music
Do any of these singers look familiar? Most likely. Let's take a deeper look at their music content.
Post-hardcore Rock
Do any of these bands look familiar to you? Chances are, probably not. They're music content is rarely similar to pop, but they also have many more meanings in music.
What does it all Mean?
Pop music and post-hardcore music do have some similar lyrically content. However, fans of the rock bands do believe lyrics have deeper content, seeing as these bands sometimes do talk about self harm whereas pop songs usually focus on the joyfulness of being in "love" and partying.
However, the decision is yours to make. YouTube comments criticize against Miley, insult One Direction, and mention Taylor Swift's boyfriends. Comments also talk about how "emo" and "creepy" Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and Ghost Town are.
What are your own personal thoughts about these things?
Miley Cyrus
Former Disney Star, Miley Cyrus, is now working in the music industry. Most of her songs are about one of two things: love or partying. Though her lyrics also cover a diversity of topics, these two stand out the most. Her current album is titled "Bangerz". Her song, We Can't Stop, stands at a staggering 188,607,299 views. Do all you want, Miley, you'll always be Hannah Montana.
One Direction
Taylor Swift
Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping With Sirens has a number of albums out, their most current being titled "Feel". One of their most popular songs, If You Can't Hang, has over 17 million views. However, the featured song (Low) has 2,634,547 views. Their songs express coming from broken families and love.
Pierce the Veil
This band's title is derived from the phrase "Piercing the veil", that meaning to overcome. The band's current album is titled Collide With The Sky. Pierce the Veil's music talks about overcoming self harm. Their song Bulls in the Bronx has 3,163,344 views.
This boy-band was quoted to have "Lost the X-Factor, but won the world." This band is #1 in 37 countries. They have recently released a movie, This is Us, and have a new album coming out. Their current albums are Up All Night and Take me Home. Their song Best Song Ever has 106,429,615 views. Their songs talk about love and partying, basically the joys of being a teenager.
Taylor Swift started as a country singer but has since started singing more pop sounding songs. Famous for her many boyfriends, this star started her career at the age of 15. Her current album is titled Red. Swift's song I Knew You Were Trouble has 137,410,378 views. Her songs are about past experiences, mainly about her rough love life (you would think she would have learned after all those boyfriends).
Ghost Town
This band is quickly becoming famous in the post-hardcore rock world. Though their music usually sounds a bit electronic, they are classified as post-hardcore. Their music is about love and pain. The song Universe has 363,633 views.
Did you know this song has mentions of cocaine in it?
Did you know this song was leaked about a week before its scheduled release date?
Did you know there were rumors that this song was about Harry Styles even though the album "Red" was released before Taylor's and Harry's short relationship?
Did you know this song was dedicated to a 16 year old Pierce the Veil fan who committed suicide?
Did you know that this song has an acoustic version on an album titled "UNLEASHED"?
Did you know that after this song was released rumors were flying that Kellin Quinn and Katelynn Quinn were getting a divorce? Thankfully, those rumors were in fact just rumors.
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