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Register in Pootle tuturial

Pic-by-pic tuturial of registering in Pootle

Dario Figueira

on 26 October 2011

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Transcript of Register in Pootle tuturial

Pootle Registration Tuturial Registering Write up your details
and click Register Cool! Now wait for an email! It took me 15 minutes waiting.
Check your spam inbox! Success! Account Activated! Login now :) Fill in your username and
password and click login Ok! We're in!
Let configure your account Click Configurations! Choose your language, the language
you will translate to Then select the stuffs you think you will
want to translate
I chose all! :D Then choose the languages
that are similar to yours (if any)
so Pootle can suggest translations to you
from other languages that you understand
and thus inspire you ^_^ And then
click SAVE! Now you'll need to wait for your
language coordinator to give you
the go-ahead (usually about a day)

But if you want to try things straight away, this is what you should see :) Oh look! All the stuff available to be translated! :D
Let's click one of them! Oho! look at all the pretty colors! Grey is untranslated text although it may
already have translation suggestions Light green is translated text, but left with
the "fuzzy" flag - the translator wasn't so sure Dark green is translated text :) Clicking on this one
to try and translate... And this is what you see when you try to translate "Chapter Four" is the
original text to be translated Up here is pootle's translation suggestions from the similar languages :) Down here is already a translation suggestion by user None And over there in dark yellow is where the buttons "Suggest" and "Submit" will be when your language coordinator gives you the go-ahead The Suggest Button is yellow like that And the Submit button is green Yey!! You're good to go! Click the confirmation link http://pootle.linguisticteam.org/
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