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dog house of wonders

No description

Sinegha Anantharaj

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of dog house of wonders

Dog House
supplies used
. glue
. fake grass
. fake flowers
. dog bones
. paint
. fake moss
. wood
. thin layer of plastic
Our house is more enviromentally friendly then most dog houses, because we mostly used recylable iteams. We also didn't waste any materials. We also built fake water barrels on the sides which would collect rain water. We also made sure that we didn't paint colours like black so we could get solar energy but not to much.
Size and Expectations
The dog house has to be 15cm wide and 15cm tall.
But we also had to make sure if a animal were in it
would not freeze or die of heat. Plus it also had to be a stable structure.
Sinegha and Ariel's
The challenges that we had were to get the right materials which would be able to hold it together and make sure it could survive tough weather storms.
At the end our materials were very helpful to make our
project ideal. Such as the wood which made a good structure and was very strong as well. With all our hard work planning and materials, our final product was stable did everything that was required and was appealing as well as amazing too. And that's our dog house!!!!!!!!
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