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Creating a Dystopia

Prezi Study Guide for Andrea Feldman in English 9 : Common Core - Connor S.

Connor Switenky

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Dystopia

Creating a Dystopia
Prezi Study Guide
A world where everything is perfect. All people are happy.

There is no 'wrong' in this world.
What is a UTOPIA?
A utter opposite of the word

People are unhappy mostly because of people superior to them are treating them bad. Absolutely imperfect world.
What is a DYSTOPIA?
Gulliver's Travel by Jonathan Swift is the earliest known dystopian novel which was published in 1726.
What was one of the earliest dystopian novels ever published?
A Wrinkle in Time
- Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949)
Name two of the classic dystopian novels written between 1930 and 1980:
People who like dystopian literature might like being 'a hero' in the alternative exciting world and change the future.
Why do you think dystopian literature has been so common throughout history?
The Giver (1993)
What novel seemingly opened the flood gates for young-adult dystopian literature?
- The House of the Scorpion (2002)
- Cloud Atlas (2004)
- The Hunger Games (2008)
- Catching Fire (2009)
Name four of the young-adult dystopian novels published since the year 2000:
Similar to young-adults' (teenagers) lives.

Example : Adults tell you when to sleep, go school, house rules, etc.

Dystopian literature stories are exciting, full of danger with allies and enemies. The story takes them on an adventure where the world can change.
Why do you think dystopian literature is such a popular trend among today's young adults?
Summarize at least two of the common story elements shared by most dystopian stories.
Connor S. ~ Fifth & Sixth Period ~ English 9 for Andrea F.
December 4th, 2014
What are the two most common ways dystopias are created in stories?
1) Concern about society and humanity.

2) To warn people to pay attention to what is happening around them.
Why do you think fictional utopias always tend to go horribly wrong and become dystopias?
All people have different opinions of a perfect world.

Some people want this way, others want it other ways.

Once utopia has been set, it tends go wrong because of people have different views of what utopia is.
Why do you think the fictional survivors of an apocalypse always seem to end up creating dystopian societies?
After chaos they want peace and freedom.
Name at least four of the common themes in dystopian literature.
1) Chaos or controlled environment.
2) Emotional journey.
3) Struggle, danger, death.
4) Hope for better future.
Why does the way in which a fictional dystopia was created affect the possible themes of the story?
Something in the story causes the character to change. Thus, changing after effect of the theme of story.
To the Eye!
Thanks for watching this Prezi!
~~ Connor S.
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