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No description

Miguel Gonzalez

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Fracking

The Fracking Future

What is Fracking?

How Is It Done?
Political Perspective
Economic Perspective
Engineering Perspective
Environmental Perspective
What are the effects of it
$250000 to build a vertical drill.
$2.5 million to go horizontal.
Employs around 500-600 or so people per well, Greeley and Denver.
Environmental Effects
Flow Back Pits
2006: Colorado residents, potable water, cost $350,000 per year
Closed-loop systems
$14,400 dollars a year
avoids environmental problems
New technique in both vertical and horizontal drilling
Less Wells
Closed Loop system
Near by water wells are tested regularly and reported to owner of property.
Colorado Oil and Natural Gas Association are currently suing Fort Collins and Lafayette
Case numbers:
Colorado Oil & Gas Association v. City of Fort Collins
Larimer County, Colorado, District Court (Fort Collins); and Colorado Oil & Gas Association v. City of Lafayette, Colorado
Question 300 is Broomfield's ban on fracking.
Fee simple deeds, mineral and surface rights.
Substantial water use
30% of the water is unrecoverable
Water left behind is not biodegradable
Chemicals (Ex. Petroleum-related chemicals; methanol; hydrochloric acid; sodium hydroxide)
Process in which oil companies extract the underground resources (e.g. natural gas and oil)
Vertical and Horizontal drilling method
Shale drilling (from 6000-8000ft)
Perforating Gun to crack the shale.
Hydraulic Fluid added to fracture the shale.
After that, extraction
Cost Effective and Environmentally Safe
EOG Resources
Short, wide fractures instead of the mainstream long, narrow fractures.
GasFrac Energy Services
Completely water free system
Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Our Proposal
Step 1
Big decisions should always be debated by many people to whom it concerns.
Inform the general public
Public needs to pull out true concerns
Step 2
Engineering innovation is key
Step 3
Compromise and a look towards a leap into the future of energy.
Pneumatic pressure/fracturing
Custom Engineered Air Compressors
Energy companies slowly work away from hydrocarbons to renewable energy.
History Doesn't Repeat Itself, But It Sure Does Rhyme
Mid 19th Century
California Gold Rush
Steam Engine
Middle Class Boomed in West
Automobile Industries
1973 Oil Embargo
Alternative Hydraulic Fracturing
Wider variety of fuels for people and transportation.
"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." - MLK
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