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Alfie Kohn

Hall of Fame # 3

Samantha Blaisdell

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn Born October 15, 1957 Author and lecturer on topics such as education, parenting, and human behavior Wrote lots of books for
teachers and parents that
critique traditional teaching
and parenting methods. Considered to be a leading figure
in Progressive education. Progressivism: organizes schools around the concerns, curiosities, and real world experience of
students. Leading influences: John Dewey: Progessive educator.
Curriculum should be built around experiences and
interests of students Jean Piaget: Constructivism founder.
Humans generate knowledge through interactions
of experiences and ideas. "Moreover, students who are encouraged to think
about grades, stickers, or other 'goodies' become less
inclined to explore ideas, think creatively, and take chances." -Alfie Kohn He criticizes traditional beliefs about
competition and incentive programs,
standardized testing, and homework. Competition: Cultural obsession with victory "No corner of our lives is too trivial -or to important- to be exempted from the cumpulsion to rank ourselves against one another" Sabotages self-esteem and relationships Turns playing field into a battlefield Students can learn more effectively by
working cooperatively in the classroom instead of struggling to be Number One. Punished BY rewards: Rewards:
Manipulate children
Cause praise junkies
Steal a child's pleasure
Make child lose interest
Reduce achievement "The most notable feature of a positive
judgment isn’t that it’s positive,
but that it’s a judgment. And people,
including kids, don’t like being judged." Standardized testing and its victims: High scores signify superficial thinking
Lower standards to improve results
Doesn't "close the gap" Why shouldn't we have homework? The negative effects of homework
Positive effects are mythical
More homework is being added despite
the lack of value Criticisms: Too extreme
Criticizes because he likes controversy Bibliography 1. kohn, Alfie. (2001). Five reasons to stop saying "good job!"
Young Children, Retrieved from http://www.alfiekohn.org/parenting/gj.htm

2. kohn, Alfie. (2000). Standardized testing and its victims. Education Week, Retrieved from http://www.alfiekohn.org/teaching/edweek/staiv.htm

3. kohn, Alfie. (2007). Rethinking homework. Principal, Retrieved from http://www.alfiekohn.org/teaching/rethinkinghomework.htm Impact: Research Progressive education remains a viable
approach to our failing schools
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