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Happy Father's Day Dad!

An epic 73 slide long Prezi dedicated to my dad in honor of Father's Day 2013

Sara Salomon

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Happy Father's Day Dad!

Dear Dad,
Let me take you on a journey,
down sweet ol' memory lane.
Enjoy the show!
Love, Sara


Where did all the hair go?
The world may never know...
My only questions: Why?
And omigosh what
happened here?!!
Things That DON'T Make
the World Go 'Round
Bad luck...
Okay, we're going to fast-forward to times a little more recent... Just a little.
Here we are in the letter Y! Are you feeling dizzy yet? I hope not. There's plenty more to come!
Such an angel
And so fashionable! JK :P
Does this dress look familiar?
Things that DO Make the World Go 'Round
Then Piper was born
A few more for nostalgia's sake
Another angel
Getting older...
Fast-forward some more!
I hope this queen bee doesn't sting!

I decided to skip a few letters, so now we're in the letter R!
Gimme a "D"! Gimme an "A"! Gimme a "D"! Gimme a "D"! Gimme a "Y"! Goooooo Daddy!
Do I need to say more?
Omigosh I think it's time!
Time for what?
Time to
move on to the
last word!
Woo hoo!!
Wait. What? You mean it's almost over?
Yep! Almost over!
Aw man! :(
Querido, a mi padre,
I would like to take this moment to ask you if you have received my card. If you have, I hope you liked it! But if you haven't, I hope it gets there soon!
Con cariños, Sara

Wow, by now, we are getting pretty old!
Psst. Dad. That
guy looks suspicious...
Nos Familia
#rockin' out
When you finally got Instagram
I really like this pic!
Chocolate bunny?
Now we will end with a few words and a recent picture.
Dear Dad,
I hope you enjoyed this very long (73 slides) Prezi. Have a great Father's Day! I love you! (Picture credits to @LarrySalomon , @LaurenTomasetti-Salomon , and @LisaSalomon-Geraci via Facebook)
Love, Sara Salomon

Yeah, I bet all these pictures looked regular sized to you, eh? Pft. Just wait a second (or 2... or 3... maybe 12). Please hit the spacebar for the main and final message.
Hit the spacebar. We're not done yet!
Memorial Day Parade
6th Grade Graduation
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