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I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior

a test that is the second test

Jake Young

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior

I am a seal team six warrior By: Howard E. Wadsin, and Stephen Templin Climax The highest point of conflict is when Howard is shot in the leg in the battle of Mogadishu. How it happened. He was shot by one of Aidid's soldiers with a AK-47. Howard did take him down with his sniper though. How it was resolved. He was taken to a compound in Mogadishu, and was given medical attention. Author's point of view He thought he was dumb getting shot, and a bit full of himself thinking he was more than just a person. Setting and main characters Setting The story takes place in many different places, like Georgia and Mogadishu and Afghanistan. Characters Main Protagonist: Howard E. Wadsin Protagonist characters: Howard e. Wadsin, Casnova, Little Big Man, and Sourpuss. Antagonist Characters: Aldid and Osama Atto. Main characters feelings, and traits Howard E. Wadsin: A determined, smart, strong, and religious man who trys to be the best he can be. At the end of the story he is happy how every thing turned out. Alidid: A leader, who dosent quit and uses whatever he can to his advantage, and can be very ruthless. He never got captured which he must be happy of. Main antagonist: Aldid How the main protagonist character changes At first the main character wants to be the best he can be the best he can be. Now im not saying that is a bad thing but he turns out better in the end. when he gets shot in Mogadishu he starts to fall behind the other seals when he heals. He starts to realize that he is just a person. He quits being a seal and he becomes a chiropractor. he is a lot more happy with his life. Theme and conflict Theme The writers message is that you can over come any obstacle that you choose. Conflict Human vs Human vs Self It shows that Howard also struggles against himself at times, and other people. Jake Young's prezi characters main goal and how antagonists trys to stop it The characters main goal is to try to stop the fighting and people suffering in Mogadishu. Aldid dictates the country's people and trys to get the americans out of the country Jake Young
1/2 Mrs. Stewert The most elite
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