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League of Legends Prezi

No description

Stephen Chamness

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of League of Legends Prezi

Why I love playing/watching League of Legends
The game itself is insanely simple and straight forward, and it's insanely fun.
You can play it for fun or be competitive.
It's extremely exciting to watch professionals come together and show how the game can be played to perfection.
How to get involved with League of Legends
Watching/Playing League of Legends
League of Legends
HBOsports interview with several people involved in League of Legends eSport.
Staples Center stadium sold out for season 3 world finals. Over 20 million people watched the finals online
Competitive Side
Great community and fantastic company
League of Legends is the largest game in the world, leading the charge in the advancement eSports. It can be one of the most exciting sports to watch, easy to understand at a basic level, and extremely easy to get into. Anyone can play. In just four short years League of Legends has developed into one of the biggest entertainment sources with a massive variety of attractions that everyone can enjoy.

Player Base and Statistics for the Game
One of the most memorable and exciting moments in the history of the game. (1:40-4:29)
Chinese team at the world finals celebrating their victory and moving on in the tournament.
Massive epic All-Star stage in Shanghai where the best of the best from each region (Europe, America, Korea, China, and South-East Asia) competed.
NFL punter Chris Kluwe talks about the legitimacy and the appeal of League of Legends and eSports.
After a year of practicing and working their way to the top, Korean team SK T1 claims the title of the best League of Legends team in the world, the Season 3 champions, and one million dollars in prize money.
A popular streamer/broadcaster of League of Legends, Siv HD, does a 13 hour stream marathon to raise money for Save the Children charity. He originally had the goal of $50,000 but ended up raising over $100,000.
Joe Kelly, diagnosed with cancer, made a wish with the Make a Wish foundation to visit Riot headquarter (the makers of League). His wish was granted. Riot donated proceeds from a massive event in League of Legends made in his honor.
After being around for only four years, League of Legends has become the biggest game in the world.
PC cafes
With the growth of eSports in America, more and more PC cafes are opening where you can play games for a miniscule hourly rate (around 3 dollars). So if you can't afford a computer that can run League you can go to a PC cafe near you.
League of Legends is growing
League of Legends players watching the game at Buffalo Wild Wings.
League of Legends is a free game! As long as you have a decent computer, you can play and experience League of Legends for free by going to Riot game's website and downloading it. A computer that would be able to run League would be the same price as an x box or a PlayStation.
League of Legends is a game for everyone. Get into it and experience it!
Ability to interact with the pros outside of the professional scene.
Other than playing the game, League of Legends offers many other kinds of entertainment like popular/extremely skillful players streaming themselves playing and a lot of communication from pros to average players via reddit.
League of Legends hype video for the Season 3 World Championship.
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