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Teach For America

No description


on 19 June 2012

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Transcript of Teach For America

better educational quality
more opportunities history Wendy Kopp Teach For All 12 Noriko
14 Asuka 14 Sayaka
14 Saori Teach For Japan teaching! six low income communities 500 new teachers "One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education." after two years five weeks intensive training total of 18 countries achievements They are more than capable. skillful alumni the majority of alumi
remain comitted to the mission more alumni thank you global wide joy of learning eliminate educational inequity provide prominent leaders searching for a way 1990 2,500 graduates
more than 100 colleges 2008 activities 2005 17,000 applications No.1 employer 2010 together with Brett Wigdortz the CEO of Teach First UK over 28,000 largest provider of teachers high quality education = foundation
teaching curriculum session mentor excecution session group of four one hour of summer school can make good use of your money because ... constructive criticism
regular feedback = ongoing support develop long term plans "best way is to give them experience" time
effort increasing number
applicants more valuable to work than leadership good experience! students's achievements large impact are TFA teachers
less capable? pursue their career K-12 teachers more passionate teachers better influence on children educational-friendly
community conclusion % 2005 17,000 applications No.1 employer two social values off to school! educational inequity high school dropouts earn high school graduates -$800,000 -$260,000 college graduates { high school dropouts live 9.2 years shorter if they stayed one year longer .. reduce -30% -20% -13% -6% rich poor deadly spiral structural oppression America expand our support under construction Yusuke Matsuda educational inequity in Japan ready and prepared WHY? > leadership grow in a long run + outside the states
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