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About Me

No description

mallory peck

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of About Me

Mallory Rachel Peck's Tree of Who I Am
Born July 2nd, 1960
She grew up in Springfield, Il
She went to college at Southern Illinois University and received a Bachelor of Science.
After college she became a Special Education Teacher
While she was working she went back to school to get her Masters in Curriculum and Administration
she then became a fourth grade teacher

My mom has taught me many things in life. She is a dedicated, compassionate mom. I aspire to be as caring as she is towards others. She is where I get my passion for helping others and the force that pushed me to get a degree into social work.
Family Vacations
Thanks to my family vacations I gained a huge sense of adventure, thirst for knowledge, and the importance of being with family. We have been to over 32 states and we have only traveled by plane for one vacation. I loved seeing the country and learning about the history of the places we were at and the people who lived there. My family vacations were unlike most, they weren't always days taking in the sun on the beach, they were about learning about nature and history. One family vacation we hid in a bird hut in Arkansas to watch a group of birds migrate. I wasn't always the happiest as a child attending these vacations but looking back I wouldn't trade them for the world.
My dad and I have also started to hike the Appalachian Trail. When I graduated high school in 2010 that summer was our first trip. We have gone ever summer since. Not only is a great trip to bond with my dad, but we have also seen some pretty amazing things, and met some pretty amazing people.
High School Graduation & College
Born December 27, 1958
He grew up in Batavia, Il
He went to college at Southern Illinois University and received a degree Finance and Business Economics.
After college he worked in a bank

My dad has taught me to be a hard worker, he works extremely hard to provide for my family. My dad makes me appreciate the things in life that you can't buy. He loves nature, traveling, and music. My dad supports me in everything I do and I know I can always count on my him. Part of my shyness and quiet side stems from my dad's timid personality.
Born May 23, 1989
He went to college at Northern Illinois University
He received a degree in Meteorology
He suffers from social anxiety and depression

My brother suffers from social anxiety and depression. When he started middle school my parents started to notice changes in my brothers attitude and behavior. His grades started to suffer and he became withdrawn and very depressed. My brother continues to struggle with these issues today and he is now 24 years old. As children we were really close until he entered middle school and then he stopped talking to me and as a child I didn't understand why. That was hard to feel rejected by my brother. As we have grown up we have started to build a relationship and he has slowly opened up about his struggles. Having a brother with social anxiety and depression made me a very empathic and compassionate person. I am more understanding and caring because of him.
Grandma Beerup
Born September 20, 1934
Grew up & still lives in Springfield, Il
Went to college and received a degree in Education
She was an elementary school teacher
She is my mom's mom

My Grandma and I are very close. I can go to my grandma for anything. My grandma's childhood was very difficult. Her mother was put in a mental institution as a teen, she was still in the institution when she gave birth to my grandma. My grandma was put in foster care as a baby and was adopted by a family at age 4. She never met her mother or father. Her mother never wanted to meet her, and she never knew who her father was. She ended up finding out that the family that she thought adopted her legally never adopted her, and that was heart breaking for her to find out. Despite her rough times in life she is the funniest person I know. She is wild and hilarious. My grandma has taught me to be goofy and to be myself. she has truly had an impact on who I am as a person.
My mom and dad have always stressed the importance of family and remaining close to them. I am very close with my cousins and aunts and uncles on both sides of my family. My cousins especially are important to me. My little cousins Cassie and Leah are two of my best friends. Being close with my extended family makes me feel loved and secure. I always know that I have some one there for me that cares. I do not know where I would be without my family!
Now this may seem silly but my pets are also a very important part of who I am. My family got my cats one when I was in first grade and the other when I was in fourth grade. We rescued our dog when I was in 8th grade. My dog loves me no matter what I do she loves me unconditionally which I think is important to feel as a child. My parents bought my brother and I pets to teach us responsibility and take care of others.
This tree is going to teach you about how I came to be the person I am today. Starting with my foundation, my family that is. This tree is full of my life experiences that have made me who I am today. I put my family at the base of the tree because they have been with me through all of these experiences. Without them I wouldn't have been able to experience half of what I have. Hear that song playing? Well that is one of my favorite songs ever, it is a country song of course (my favorite genre), I hope by viewing this you can get a good sense of who I am. To view this presentation you can just click the right arrow key on your keyboard. You can also click the pictures to make them bigger. Enjoy!
About Me
Before we get started I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Aurora, Illinois on April 13, 1992 to David and Margie Peck. I have an older brother Michael Peck. When I was one year old my family moved us to Batavia, Illinois. Batavia is a small town with one middle school and high school in it. My parents still live in Batavia in the house I grew up in. My dad grew up in Batavia, so it is a very special place to my family.
Me On The Day I Was Born
Work Ethic
Both of my parents worked when my brother and I were children. Having both parents with full time jobs taught me to have a strong work ethic. They balanced full time jobs and all of my brother and my extra curricular activities.
When I was 14 I got my first job at the local ice cream shop and I have continued to work through out college as well. Working gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.
Church & Mission Trips
Active Lifestyle
Picture I took on the Appalachian Trail
My Dad on our first hike of the Appalachian Trail
I love being active and exercising! I think I was born running. Growing up I played soccer from kindergarten until 8th grade and I was on the traveling soccer team. Soccer was my passion for my most of my childhood. I also did dance, gymnastics, & horse back riding. I loved to do everything and anything I could. In high school I joined the cheer leading team. I think my parents was in shock that I left my soccer career to join the cheer team.
I still have this love for being active, now a days it has turned into rollerblading, hiking, running, and bike riding. The gym is a place that helps me release the stress of life! I really enjoy being in shape and being healthy.
Mom Lost Vision
Chi Omega
Grade School & Middle School
Kids I babysit
My friend Ari and I para-sailing in Florida.
Friendships have always been a significant part of life. I put a lot of time and effort into maintaining my relationships. My friends are truly amazing! Each one brings something different to my life. My friends push and challenge me to better myself, and they make me realize my potential.
My friend are there for me through every life experience positive or negative, and I am there for them for all of their life experiences. One thing I am so lucky I can say is that my friends from high school are still my best friends.
Friends from my sorority
My two best fiends from my hometown and they also attend ISU
My best friends from home
Growing up I was always a very empathic kid. I always wanted to give money to the homeless people in Chicago when I was there with my family. In school I always wanted to help the kids who struggled in school, and who struggled to make friends. Almost every year in elementary school I was placed in the same class as this boy Danny. He struggled to stay organized and to get his homework done. At the end of everyday Danny and I would organize his desk and get out the things he needed to bring home for homework. I also always stuck up for the kids that got teased. This is the same way I am today. I am very sensitive to everyone's feelings, and I always want to help people anyway I can. My mom always encouraged me to help others and she worked with the kids at her elementary school that struggled, so I think I wanted to be just like her and help the kids at my school.
My faith became an important role in my life in middle school. One of my best friends growing up attended church every Sunday. In middle school she started conformation classes, and asked if I wanted to go with. I instantly loved it. I made so many friends, and I started to believe in God. I got really involved with volunteering, and the church's youth group. During 7th grade through sophomore year in high school my life revolved around church. I ended up getting baptized when I was 13 which was awesome. I am proud that I found this on my own, it means a lot t me that I choose to be baptized on my own, my parents didn't decide that for me as a child, they let me make that choice on my own. I was confirmed shortly after my baptism and I actually gave a speech at my confirmation ceremony.
After confirmation I went on 3 mission trips with my church, we went to New Orleans twice, and an Indian Reservation once. Mission trips made me thankful for the life I live. The people we were helping had lost everything including their homes, yet these people were so happy, and positive. They would be so thankful for the work we had done for them. The first year we went to New Orleans, we visited the 9th ward. This was 2 years after Katrina hit, and it looked like it was yesterday. Cars were flipped over still, almost every house was abandoned, and it was a ghost town. Mission trips made me want to live everyday to the fullest because you never know when everything could just be taken away from you.
In 2010 my senior year of high school my mom started to lose her vision. She as a condition called Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Which means her optic nerves were not getting enough blood pressure to them, which caused them to be damaged. She noticed her vision was being lost and it seems like she went to a million doctors and no one could stop the vision loss or figure out what was happening. She lost complete vision in her left eye, in her right eye she has a pocket of

vision left. This vision loss had a huge impact not only on my mom's life but my family's life also. My mom had to leave her job as a 4th grade teacher, she cannot drive, and she lost her independence. My mom was our families rock. We go to her for everything, so it has been a hard transition.
My mom was a super independent woman who was so in love with her job. She was so passionate about teaching, the saying "If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life if you love what you do" truly applies to my mom and her love for teaching. Despite the extreme loses my mom has suffered she is the most positive person I have ever met. She has been through something so difficult and continues to have to struggle with it everyday, but she is still happy and she still continues to have a positive outlook on life. Seeing my mom go through this inspires me to always remain positive even in difficult times. She is amazing woman and I am so proud that she is my mom!
A big part of who I am is the fact that I graduated from high school and headed off to college. At home I am very close with my parents so leaving for school was hard. The first couple of weeks were really hard and I considered going home to community college. After awhile I got used to and learned to love it. Leaving for college made me become more independent. I am so thankful I didn't go home from ISU because it has become such a part of who I am. From the people I have met here to the clubs I have become a part of and of course my wonderful major!
Friends at ISU's homecoming
Ari and I on our high school graduation
Friends I met at ISU my freshman year through my sorority.
For the last four summers I have babysat the same two families in the entire summer and randomly throughout the school year when I am home. I spend so much time with them that have become a very important part of my life. They have also taught me a lot about myself. I realized I need to work my patience! They definitely test it! Spending my summer with kids is fun and exhausting. They are such a blast and they have taught me to multitask and be flexible because every day with them is completely different. I have also felt the need to become a role model, I want to set a good example for these kids and be a positive influence in their lives.
My freshman year of college I joined my sorority, Chi Omega. It has had a huge influence on my college experience. I have made the most amazing friends who I will be friends with for life. Every year we put together a dance competition to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. Last year we raised 30,000 dollars! It's amazing to be apart of such a great organization.
Also as a part of Chi Omega I was picked by the girls in my house to be on the executive board. From January 2013-January 2014 I was the panhellenic delegate for my sorority. The panhellenic delegate represents Chi Omega at weekly meetings with all the other sororities on campus. I was also in charge of community service hours and letting the girls in my chapter know of community service opportunities in our area.
In April of 2013 I got the opportunity to attend a leadership conference in Memphis, Tennessee at the Chi Omega head quarters. I got to meet the president of my sorority and girls from all different states that are also in Chi Omega. It was amazing and I wish I could do it again!
The president of my sorority, another executive board member of my sorority and me at the Chi Omega headquarters.
My Chi Omega sisters and I at our chapter house on ISU's campus.
My "little sister" and I in front of our chapter house.
The 2013-2014 Chi Omega executive board.
A sister and I after bid night.
Another executive board member and I at the leadership conference in Memphis.
The Future
These are all the people and experiences that have had an impact on who I am and where I am today in life. Being that I am only 21 years old my tree of people and experiences will only get fuller. I feel that I will change more as I continue to learn and grow. I am so thankful for everything I have experienced and for all these amazing people in my life. I cannot wait to see where the future will take me!
Some Friends and I on spring break in South Padre, Texas.
My friend Meg and I. We have been friends since 8th grade!
My mom and I at Chi Omega's Mom's Day.
My third grade school picture.
My elementary school friend Alison and I on the first day of 4th grade.
This picture was taken in Delaware, we went to Dewey Beach with my dad's side of the family every summer. In this picture I am crabbing. You put raw chicken on a piece of string and crabs grab it and you pull them up and keep them for dinner.
My third grade soccer picture.
Cheer leading for my high school football team.
My friend Katie and I rollerblading in last summer.
Bar Harbour in Maine
I have to be honest and say that the deaths in my family haven't had a huge impact on who I am today. Of course losing someone makes you remember life is short and you need to live it to the fullest. Three people in my life have passed away. My grandma, grandpa, and my great uncle. Although I was very sad at the loses of these amazing people, while they were alive I didn't have a close relationship with them. The hardest part of losing them was seeing each of my parents lose their parent. It was heartbreaking and when my dad lost his mom that was the first time I had ever seen him cry. I luckily haven't lost anyone that I am very close with.
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