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Copy of Teamwork Presentation

Define, demonstrate, and apply the Teamwork skill/skills

Rob Rass

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Teamwork Presentation


Good Leadership
Clear Communication
Team Role
Respect and Trust
Good Leadership
What qualities make a good leader?

Role of the team leader with ICS Tearfund
Respect and Trust
Team Inputs
Team Support
Team Roles
Clear Communication
Quick to Listen, slow to speak.
Share ideas and important information.
Ensure two-way communication
Express your opinion and values.
Respect cultural norms and diversity

group members must agree first on what needs to be done
(Shared Goals)
- Accept tasks and responsibilities that can develop your talents, interests, ambitions and competence of team members
- Formal and Informal roles
Support each other.

Team Leader role and responsibilities

Support from ICC

Cross Cultural Teams
- Group members communicate their opinions in a way that respects others, focusing on "what can be improve?", rather than "why it is wrong?".
- Group members should trust each other and share their own ideas and feelings, they also should believe in each other.

Teamwork Activity

and the role of
the team leader

In your group, stand on the "carpet"
No talking
Try to turn the "carpet" over without stepping over
This activity requires non-verbal communication.
Achieve your Goal by working as a team
What is Teamwork?
Why Teamwork?
How to be a strong team
Effective Teams

Good leadership
Clear Communication
Team Roles
Respect and Trust
Team Inputs
Teamwork is when two or more people work together toward the same goals.
Difference between
a group and a team?

A group is any collection of people who coordinate their individual efforts.

A team is a group of people who share a common team purpose and a number of challenging goals.
A team requires a coordinated effort, works towards common goal and collaboration.

Teamwork is where two or more people work together toward the same goals

- Teamwork allows work to be done
faster and better

- Allows each person to work in the
area which they are better

- Has a combination of strengths,
so there should be a person
competent for each situation

- Working on a team increases

- Increases productivity and

- Creates a constructive
environment to work in
Why teamwork?

How to be a
Strong team
Team Outputs
Trust, respect,
diversity, honesty,
common language,
resources and
Higher level of performance,
Engaged members, More fulfilling work, personal satisfaction,
increased accountability, enhanced learning, deeper relationships, higher quality of work, and empowered members
- Be open and honest
Be patient
- Be positive
Maintain good relationships
- Respect other views
Think about the problem,
not the people involved
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