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The Outsiders introduction

Background and introduction for an intermediate ESL class reading The Outsiders

Danielle Lavariega

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of The Outsiders introduction

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Susan Eloise Hinton wrote The Outsiders while she was still in high school. It was published when she was only 17. The story takes place in Tulsa, Oaklahoma. Important events in
the 1960s 1961 The United States enters the Vietnam War 1963 Martin Luther King Jr gives his "I Have a Dream" speech. President Kennedy is assasinated. 1967 The first Superbowl is played
between the Packers and the
Chiefs. The Packers Win! 1968 MLK Jr. is assasinated in Memphis. 1969 Neil Armstrong lands on the moon 1960s Icons music Elvis The Beatles Jimi Hendrix Aretha Franklin cars Mustangs Corvairs Now, back to The Outsiders There are two groups The Greasers Come from the working, poorer class.
They live on the east side of town.
Their name comes from their greased-back, usually long hair The "Socs" Children of wealthy families.
They come from the west side of town.
They are the Greasers' rivals. John F. Kennedy moves into the White House
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