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The Last Minute Thrown Together Piece of Crap (rocket)

its about the rocket

Brian Bandilla

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of The Last Minute Thrown Together Piece of Crap (rocket)

The Last Minute Thrown Together Piece of Crap Rocket The Specs with its simplistic design, cheap production cost , and outstanding performance how could you not go with the TLMTTPC as your rocket of choice. we are even willing o sell you the rights for a meager $5. don't be stupid, make the right choice C'mon NASA, its a no brainer This masterpiece is packin'
75o mL of water fuel
30 psi of air pressure
mass of 274 kg (total 1024)
1 ft width
1-1/2 ft height
250 g of plastic pellets cargo The conception of a masterpiece Construction The construction of TLMTTPC did not take long due to its simplistic design. The finless wonder was built with 2 coke bottles with one end fused with the tip of the other. it was fitted with a paper towel coating to ensure a frictionless flight and and a strand of it hanging off (the bandana) to keep it in the right path. a mustache like wings were thrown in there to maximize flight time without adding extra weight. Some of the best tape money can buy was used to wrap it all together and was decoratted with symbols and words by the artistic genius himself , Dr. Ethan von Esquivel Launch Results The launch results were better than predicted. its distance traveled reached an unprecedented distance of 33.2 meters. And a flight time of almost 3 whole seconds. this record breaking results were met with a giant celebration of cheers and shock by the audience witnessing the greatest moment of the century. From the genius minds of brian & ethan comes the next great invention to have ever been thought of, The Last Minute Thrown Together Piece of Crap (TLMTTPC). This magnificent creation is the brainchild of off the charts ingenuity and out of this world intelligence. Without even breaking a swat, this highly sophisticated machine was built with breath taking looks and a revolutionizing aero-dynamic design that maximizes performance.
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